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Varian Medical Systems is the world's leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy.

Varian Medical Systems is also a supplier of informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centres and medical oncology practices.

Varian is also a leading supplier of tubes and digital detectors for X-ray imaging in medical, scientific and industrial applications.

Varian Medical Systems employs approximately 4,400 people who are located at manufacturing sites in North America and Europe and in its 60 sales and support offices around the world. In Europe, the company operates manufacturing and engineering centres in Baden (Switzerland), Crawley (England), Haan (Germany), Helsinki (Finland) and Toulouse (France) and has headquarters for Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEA) based in Zug, Switzerland.
Varian planning software connected with Siemens linear accelerators
14 June, 2013
The Ohio State University (Ohio State) are now using Varian Medical Systems software to plan and manage radiotherapy treatments delivered on a Siemens medical linear accelerator.
Prostate cancer patient receives first treatment new real-time brachytherapy planning system
18 April, 2013
A prostate cancer patient is the first person in the world to be treated using the latest version of Varian's Vitesse real time planning solution for planning and performing advanced high-dose-rate (HDR), ultrasound-guided brachytherapy treatments.
New GPS-based system reduces the risk of heart disease after radiotherapy for breast cancer
02 April, 2013
Varian Medical Systems' Calypso System is a tool designed to help doctors reduce women's risk of developing heart disease years after treatment for breast cancer.
Varian Medical Systems receives 510(k) clearance for brachytherapy treatment planning software
29 January, 2013
Varian Medical Systems receives an FDA 510(k) clearance for the latest version of its Vitesse real time planning for HDR brachytherapy which is used to plan and perform high-dose-rate (HDR), ultrasound-guided brachytherapy treatments for prostate cancer.
High intensity mode TrueBeam medical linear accelerators receive regulatory clearance in India
03 December, 2012
Varian Medical Systems receives regulatory clearance from the Indian Atomic Energy Regulatory Board for the use of the company's TrueBeam High Intensity Mode for advanced radiosurgical treatments.
Nairobi Hospital in Kenya begins treating cancer with advanced radiotherapy solution
16 November, 2012
A modern medical linear accelerator is installed at The Nairobi Hospital in Kenya to provide local cancer patients with advanced radiotherapy treatments for the first time.
Varian Medical Systems seeks Russia-based suppliers and local research collaborations
06 November, 2012
Varian Medical Systems is reinforcing the company's commitment to the Russian Federation by actively seeking Russia-based suppliers and local R and D collaborations.
Varian Medical Systems launches new portfolio of oncology IT solutions for cancer centres
01 November, 2012
Varian Medical Systems launches a portfolio of oncology-specific information technology (IT) solutions designed to meet the requirements of a modern cancer treatment centre.
New radiosurgery suite integrates real-time tumour tracking capability
30 October, 2012
Varian Medical Systems unveils the new EDGE Radiosurgery Suite - a fully integrated dedicated system for performing advanced radiosurgery using new real-time tumour tracking technology and motion management capabilities.
Harley Street Clinic uses real-time tracking system for prostate tumours
12 October, 2012
Clinicians at the Harley Street Clinic in London are using the Calypso 'GPS for the Body' system from Varian Medical Systems to provide real-time tracking of tumours during prostate cancer radiotherapy treatments.
Scottish cancer centre uses high intensity radiotherapy to deliver precise brain radiosurgery
01 October, 2012
Clinicians at one of the UK's largest radiotherapy departments are starting brain radiosurgery treatments that enable patients to spend less time on the treatment table while aiding precision by minimising the chance of movement during treatment.
UK hospitals start advanced stereotactic lung cancer treatments using RapidArc radiosurgery
10 September, 2012
Several National Health Service hospitals in the UK begin delivering stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) using Varian Medical Systems' RapidArc radiosurgery technology for lung cancer patients as an alternative option to surgery.
Study compares radiosurgery with surgery for early-stage, high-risk operable non-small cell lung cancer
17 August, 2012
Varian Medical Systems is becoming a supporter of a phase III study comparing radiosurgery with surgical resection for the treatment of early-stage, high-risk, operable non-small cell lung cancer.
Varian Medical Systems invests in professional training to improve Brazilian radiation therapy
09 August, 2012
Varian Medical Systems is launching Portuguese versions of the company's software systems for planning and managing radiotherapy treatments.
Russian Cancer Center receives local-language radiotherapy training
31 May, 2012
Radiotherapy practitioners in Russia are now receiving local-language training on advanced treatment planning techniques thanks to an initiative by Varian Medical Systems, the world leader in radiotherapy and radiosurgery.
New linear accelerator technology reduces treatment session numbers
15 May, 2012
European cancer experts are reporting their progress with promising new radiosurgical techniques for treating cancer and other conditions using new linear accelerator technology from Varian Medical Systems.
Varian Medical Systems opens office in Hungary
05 April, 2012
Varian Medical Systems is opening a local office in Hungary with the aim of helping the country's radiotherapy departments to offer advanced treatments for a growing cancer population.
Varian sets up Eastern European educational reference centre
14 March, 2012
The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Center in Gliwice, Poland, becomes the first hospital in Eastern Europe to be designated a European Reference Centre for Education by Varian Medical Systems.
Varian Medical Systems agrees to acquire InfiMed
06 March, 2012
Varian Medical Systems reacheds an agreement to acquire InfiMed, a privately-owned, leading supplier of workstations including hardware and software for processing diagnostic X-ray images.
Surface beacon transponder receives 510(k) clearance
01 March, 2012
Varian Medical Systems receives 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a surface beacon transponder to be used with the Varian Calypso system as a real-time tracking device capable of monitoring motion during radiotherapy treatments for indications anywhere in the body.
Varian Medical Systems equips proton treatment centre in Russia
20 February, 2012
Varian Medical Systems receives an order to equip a new two-room proton therapy centre at the PTC St Petersburg Center of Nuclear Medicine of the International Institute of Biological Systems in Russia.
King Fahd Medical Center equipsnew proton therapy facility
31 January, 2012
Varian Medical Systems books a $77 million order with Saudi Particle Therapy Centre to equip a new proton therapy facility at the King Fahd Medical Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Brain cancer patient receives first TrueBeam STx treatment in Asia
20 January, 2012
Doctors at BGS Global Cancer Institute at BGS Global Hospitals in Bangalore are delivering advanced radiotherapy treatments using the first clinical TrueBeam STx medical linear accelerator in Asia.
Varian Medical Systems sets up radiotherapy training centre in Tokyo
13 January, 2012
Varian Medical Systems is establishing the company's first education centre in Tokyo, Japan, to train radiation oncologists, medical physicists, and technologists who work with Varian's cancer treatment systems. In addition, the company has established a clinical contact center (Help Desk), to provide phone support for Varian's customers in Japan.
Wellington Hospital offers patients fast TrueBeam treatments
16 December, 2011
Clinicians at one of New Zealand's leading hospitals have delivered more than 300 radiotherapy treatments using a newly-installed Varian TrueBeam device in the first month of the system's implementation.
French cancer centre begins TrueBeam radiotherapy treatments
09 December, 2011
A 19-year-old brain tumour patient becomes the first person in France to be treated using Varian Medical Systems' TrueBeam radiotherapy treatment system.
UAB clinicians are first to use Triggered Imaging technolgy
22 November, 2011
The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Health System becomes the first medical centre in the world to utilise intrafraction motion review (IMR), or 'triggered imaging', to continually monitor tumour location during radiosurgery for lung cancer.
Maastro Clinic becomes all-TrueBeam cancer centre
07 November, 2011
One of Europe's leading cancer centres plans to offer radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments using fast and precise TrueBeam systems from Varian Medical Systems.
Lund University Hospital orders four Varian radiotherapy systems
01 November, 2011
Varian Medical Systems receives a contract to supply four TrueBeam treatment systems to Lund University Hospital in Sweden, one of the country's largest radiotherapy departments.
Varian clinches order to equip proton treatment centre
05 October, 2011
Varian Medical Systems receives an $88 million order to provide its ProBeam system for the Scripps Proton Therapy Center being developed in San Diego through collaboration between Scripps Health, Scripps Clinic Medical Group and Advanced Particle Therapy, of Nevada, USA.
Varian Medical Systems agrees to acquire Calypso Medical Technologies
21 September, 2011
Varian Medical Systems signs a definitive agreement under which Varian will acquire Calypso, a privately-owned, Seattle-based developer and supplier of specialized products and software for real-time tumour tracking and motion management during radiosurgery and radiotherapy.
South Florida Radiation Oncology invests in new radiotherapy system
08 August, 2011
South Florida Radiation Oncology acquires a TrueBeam system from Varian Medical Systems to enable a radically different approach to treating cancer with image-guided radiotherapy.
New brachytherapy applicator unveiled for treating endometrial cancer patients
18 April, 2011
Varian Medical Systems is introducing the Capri applicator, which is a new brachytherapy applicator for treating endometrial cancer patients after a hysterectomy.
Varian ships high dose rate brachytherapy afterloader to Chinese cancer hospital
17 March, 2011
Cancer patients in China are gaining access to Varian's state-of-the-art cancer care through the acquisition by Jilin University No 1 Hospital of Varian Medical Systems’ GammaMed brachytherapy afterloader.
Clinical data reporting tool aims to support NHS goals for UK cancer care
03 February, 2011
Varian Medical Systems completes two initiatives aimed at streamlining the input of clinical data in the UK’s National Health Service.
Varian wins medical imaging deal to supply Toshiba Medical Systems
31 January, 2011
Varian Medical Systems clinches a three year contract worth approximately $450 million for Varian to supply medical imaging subcomponents to Toshiba Medical Systems for integration into diagnostic imaging equipment for the global market.
First person in Africa is treated with Varian's RapidArc IMRT technology
19 January, 2011
A 66-year-old prostate cancer patient becomes the first person in Africa to be treated RapidArc technology from Varian Medical Systems.
Proton Therapy System receives FDA 510(k) clearance
11 January, 2011
Varian Medical Systems receives FDA 510(k) clearance for the Varian Proton Therapy System which generates protons for precision radiotherapy of lesions, tumours, and conditions anywhere where radiation treatment is indicated.
Varian Medical Systems unveils innovative X-ray tube and flat panel technology
01 December, 2010
Varian Medical Systems is introducing innovative X-ray tube and flat panel technology at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago, USA from Nov 28 – Dec 02, 2010.
Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital begins treating cancer patients with TrueBeam
19 November, 2010
Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver is among the first medical centres in the world - and the first in Colorado - to commence treating cancer patients using the new TrueBeam system for image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery, a new technology platform designed to target a moving tumour with speed and accuracy.
NGHA of Saudi Arabia signs MRgRT deal with IMRIS and Varian
04 November, 2010
The Saudi Arabian National Guard Health Affairs (NGHA) signs an agreement with Varian Medical Systems and IMRIS, to develop and build a facility for magnetic resonance-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT).
Varian receives 510(k) clearance for advanced dose calculation algorithm
03 November, 2010
Varian Medical Systems receives FDA 510(k) clearance for the Acuros XB advanced dose calculation algorithm which can complete a RapidArc treatment plan two to three times faster than conventional planning algorithms.
Global Hospitals orders quartet of medical linear accelerators
03 November, 2010
Global Hospitals, one of the India's leading private hospital groups orders four state-of-the-art Varian Medical Systems medical linear accelerators to enable advanced cancer treatments to be offered across India.
CIP grant helps improve CT images for patients with metal objects in their bodies
13 October, 2010
The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) awards scientists from Stanford University and the Ginzton Technology Center at Varian Medical Systems with a $3.6 million five-year research grant to develop advanced imaging technology for improving the quality of CT images for patients with metal objects in their bodies such as hip implants and dental fillings.
Varian Medical Systems partners IMRIS to develop MR-guided radiation therapy
07 October, 2010
Varian Medical Systems concludes an agreement with IMRIS to co-develop an innovative MR-guided radiation therapy system for use in treating a variety of cancers.
European clinicians report on treatments using Varian's TrueBeam system
16 September, 2010
Clinicians from the first two European hospitals to start clinical treatments using Varian Medical Systems’ new TrueBeam system - Zurich University Hospital in Switzerland and VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands - address an Emerging Technologies Symposium at the annual ESTRO conference in Barcelona, Spain to give detailed accounts of early patient treatments.
New linear accelerator helps Dutch cancer patient receive precise radiotherapy
15 September, 2010
An 80-year-old lung cancer patient becomes the first person in The Netherlands to be treated using a new linear accelerator from Varian Medical Systems that can deliver precise radiotherapy more quickly than conventional systems.
Swiss breast cancer patient is first to be treated with Gated RapidArc radiotherapy
02 September, 2010
A 51-year-old Swiss breast cancer patient becomes the first person in the world to be treated using Gated RapidArc, which makes it possible to monitor patient breathing and compensate for tumour motion while quickly delivering radiotherapy during a continuous rotation around the patient.
Gamma Knife surgery aims to help world’s tallest man stop growing
31 August, 2010
Sultan Kosen of Turkey, 27, is eight feet, two-inches tall and is a sufferer of persistent acromegaly which is being treated by minimally invasive Gamma Knife surgery equipment supplied by Varian Medical.
Varian Medical Systems extends clinical consulting services worldwide
06 August, 2010
Varian Medical Systems is extending its clinical consulting services in Europe and Australasia, as well as North America, to help radiation and medical oncology departments to streamline processes and go paperless and/or filmless, using Varian's ARIA Oncology Information System (ARIA).
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