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Analysis, Inspection and Laboratory
Horiba upgrades external worldwide inter-laboratory QCP for haematology
Haematology systems : 01 December, 2010
Horiba Medical is upgrading the company’s external worldwide inter-laboratory quality control programme (QCP) for haematology and clinical chemistry analysers.
Compact mixing system combines vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration
Laboratory equipment : 24 November, 2010
Grant Instruments is introducing a variable speed, variable angle 360 degrees vertical rotator combining three mixing functions – vertical rotation, reciprocation and vibration - into one easy-to-use and highly versatile compact unit.
Horiba offers secure access solution for remote haematology analysis
Haematology systems : 23 November, 2010
Horiba Medical’s Pentra SAfe secure access solution for remote analysis is now available for both the ABX Pentra 400 clinical chemistry analyser and ABX Pentra 80 haematology analyser - both ideal for remote ′hot lab’ locations.
Covaris works with Tecan to promote non-contact sample preparation technology
Sample management equipment : 23 November, 2010
Covaris, a company providing advanced sample preparation solutions for life and analytical science, is collaborating with Tecan to co-≠promote the Freedom EVO liquid handling platform with integrated Adaptive Focused Acoustics (AFA).
County of Blekinge in Sweden selects CSC’s LABKA II LIMS solution
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 22 November, 2010
The county of Blekinge in Sweden becomes the first customer outside Denmark for CSC’s LABKA II Laboratory Information System (LIMS).
PerkinElmer releases cellular imaging software for microscopy labs
Microscopy equipment : 22 November, 2010
PerkinElmer is releasing a new cellular imaging software solution, the Columbus Scope platform, which is designed specifically for microscopy labs.
Sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes offer increased speed capabilities
Laboratory equipment : 19 November, 2010
Sterilin launches a new, extended range of sterile polypropylene centrifuge tubes that offers an increased speed capability of up to 12,000 x g.
LED fibre optic illuminator module simplifies integration for medical OEMs
Microscopy equipment : 19 November, 2010
PerkinElmer is unveiling the company’s new LED Fibre Optic Illuminator Module, which is designed for ease of integration by medical OEMs in endoscopy, surgical microscopy and headlamp applications.
BioCision signs distribution deal with SANYO's biomedical division in Europe
Laboratory equipment : 17 November, 2010
BioCision signs a product distribution agreement with SANYO E and E Europe, SANYO’s biomedical division in Europe.
Biomoda selects Quintiles to develop detector for early-stage lung cancer
Pathology systems : 17 November, 2010
Biomoda is collaborating with Quintiles Global Central Laboratories to help refine the automated image recognition system for measuring the photon emission rate and cell morphology of CyPath-stained cells to detect early stage lung cancer.
BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre deploys new sample storage and security system
Sample management equipment : 16 November, 2010
The sample storage and security system recently commissioned at the new BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Istanbul is commended by the centre’s lead embryologist, Dr Nadir Ciray.
Roche Diagnostics partners CapitalBio to develop molecular diagnostic solutions
Microarrays : 15 November, 2010
Roche Diagnostics and CapitalBio plan to initiate a strategic partnership targeting molecular diagnostic applications and the development of technologies to fill the unmet needs of researchers worldwide.
London Metropolitan University selects Jenway spectrophotometers for Super Lab
Spectrophotometry : 11 November, 2010
London Metropolitan University’s Faculty of Life Sciences claims to be the biggest wet teaching lab in Europe which features 280 individual workstations and an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, including 16 Jenway 7315 spectrophotometers supplied by Bibby Scientific.
New assay-ready, on-demand chemical supply service is launched
Assay equipment and chemicals : 11 November, 2010
Molplex is partnering Peakdale Molecular to launch a pioneering new assay-ready, on-demand chemical supply service.
CRi unveils new multispectral imaging technology solution
Microscopy equipment : 11 November, 2010
Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi), is adding to the company’s Nuance multispectral imaging product family for multicolour tissue and cell-based imaging.
Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin miRNA kit offers isolation efficiency benefits
DNA sequencing equipment : 11 November, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Epsom, UK is introducing the new Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin miRNA kit to UK scientists.
Caliper and Sony DADC co-develop plastic consumables for microfluidics
Sample management equipment : 05 November, 2010
Caliper Life Sciences is collaborating with Sony DADC Austria for the co-development and manufacture of plastic consumables for Caliper's next generation microfluidics products.
IKS International offers savings of up to 25 percent for laboratory monitoring
Laboratory equipment : 03 November, 2010
IKS International is launching XiltrixLite packages that provide a low cost, easy introduction to laboratory monitoring with savings of up to 25 percent compared with systems configured from individual modules.
Two new Olympus motorized microscopes focus on clinical research benefits
Microscopy equipment : 03 November, 2010
Olympus introduces two new microscopes to the company’s leading BX3 series: the BX53 Motorized Advanced Research Microscope and BX43 Motorized Clinical and Research Microscope.
Eppendorf and New Brunswick Scientific to become integrated in UK and Ireland
Laboratory equipment : 02 November, 2010
From 1st January 2011, Eppendorf and New Brunswick Scientific are to be fully integrated in the UK and Ireland.
Omnyx begins clinical research testing of new digital pathology platform
Pathology systems : 01 November, 2010
Omnyx, the imaging joint venture between GE Healthcare and UPMC is initiating clinical research testing of a breakthrough digital pathology platform that is expected to help transform the 125-year-old practice of pathologists using glass slides.
Warrington Hospital installs eight RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas Analysers
Pathology systems : 29 October, 2010
Warrington Hospital, part of Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, becomes one of the first hospitals in the UK to install eight RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas Analysers and a RAPIDComm v3.0 Blood Gas and Urinalysis Data Management system from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics.
Haematology analyser helps Watford General to achieve POCT CPA compliance
Haematology systems : 27 October, 2010
To ensure complete POCT CPA compliance, Horiba Medical is installing an ABX Pentra 60C+ benchtop haematology analyser and Pentra SAfe solution at Watford General Hospital Accident and Emergency department, part of West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
Illumina unveils single flow cell version of popular sequencing system
DNA sequencing equipment : 27 October, 2010
Illumina introduces HiSeq 1000, a single flow cell version of the company's HiSeq 2000 sequencing system.
New analysis package simplifies Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy
Spectroscopy : 26 October, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is launching the company’s new DXR/SERS Analysis Package designed to simplify the Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) technique.
Sysmex signs haematology contract with Amerinet
Haematology systems : 21 October, 2010
Sysmex signs a three-year, dual source haematology contract agreement with Amerinet.
Qiagen and Abbott agree molecular tests for HIV, HCV and HPV
Automation systems : 14 October, 2010
Qiagen and Abbott are entering into an agreement that strengthens both companies' testing menus for automated in-vitro diagnostic applications in the United States and Canada.
Caliper Life Sciences renews microfluidics chip deal with Agilent Technologies
Sample management equipment : 14 October, 2010
Caliper Life Sciences is renewing its supply agreement for microfluidics chips with Agilent Technologies.
Advanced analysis system captures spectral signature prescription drugs
Spectroscopy : 14 October, 2010
Centice is introducing a new system that combines advanced spectroscopy hardware technology, analytical software and internal databases to capture the spectral signature of a prescription drug and checks this signature against a known database.
Microarray platform simplifies analysis of chromosomal copy number changes
Microarrays : 13 October, 2010
Agilent Technologies is introducing the SurePrint G3 Human CGH+SNP microarray platform, an innovative system for simultaneous analysis of chromosomal copy number changes and copy-neutral aberrations.
Horiba Medical releases new case study video series online
Haematology systems : 12 October, 2010
Horiba Medical is introducing a new case study video series featuring in-depth customer interviews that can be accessed online.
Thermo Fisher Scientific develops technique to analyse illicit drugs and salt forms
Chromatography equipment : 12 October, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific develops a comprehensive method for the identification, confirmation and quantitation of illicit drugs and their salt forms.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology invests in new inkjet microarray system
Microarrays : 12 October, 2010
The KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, selects Arrayjet’s Marathon Inkjet Microarrayer for its Protein Array Technologies Group.
Gradient thermal cycler offers world’s smallest footprint
Laboratory equipment : 08 October, 2010
The TC-3000G gradient thermal cycler available from Bibby Scientific offers two interchangeable block options, a gradient of up to 15 degrees C, a wide choice of consumables, fast-track programming and networking capability.
Jenway laboratory equipment extends warranty period from two to three years
Laboratory equipment : 05 October, 2010
A three-year warranty is now available from Bibby Scientific for all Jenway chloride meters, colorimeters, flame photometers, hotplate/stirrers, conductivity meters, pH meters, dissolved oxygen meters and ion meters.
ETH Zurich generates world’s first human Multiple Reaction Monitoring Atlas
Mass spectrometer : 05 October, 2010
Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), in collaboration with the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, Washington, USA, used next-generation QTRAP mass spectrometry technology from AB SCIEX to create assays for approximately 20,000 human proteins, generating the world’s first human Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) Atlas, an online database that will be made publicly available.
Life Technologies acquires Ion Torrent to boost DNA sequencing portfolio
DNA sequencing equipment : 05 October, 2010
Life Technologies completes the acquisition of Ion Torrent for $375 million in cash and stock.
Online technical poster demonstrates benefits of biobanks
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 30 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is offering a new technical poster demonstrating its comprehensive portfolio of offerings for biobanks and biorepositories.
Peterborough District Hospital installs seven blood gas analysers for POCT
Chemical analysers : 29 September, 2010
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is installing seven new cobas b 221 blood gas analysers at Peterborough District Hospital and Peterborough Maternity Unit.
Compact microcentrifuge offers laboratory safety benefits
Laboratory equipment : 29 September, 2010
Bibby Scientific is now offering the SCF2 Microcentrifuge from Stuart which fits a versatile set of features into a compact, easy-to-use design.
Online demonstration spotlights bioanalytical workflow solution
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 29 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific launches a new online demonstration of its TSQ Module software for Watson laboratory information management system (LIMS).
IKS develops two communications modules to improve sample monitoring
Laboratory equipment : 28 September, 2010
IKS International (Rosmalen, the Netherlands) develops two new communications modules to make the company’s Xiltrix monitoring system even more flexible, reliable and easier to install.
EDS detectors support dental school's SEM research study
Spectroscopy : 23 September, 2010
The University of Maryland Dental School is utilising Thermo Scientific EDS detectors to investigate the nature of 'worm-like' cylindrical structures observed in the dentinal tubules of extracted human teeth.
New modular system offers complete solution for all cell freezing procedures
Laboratory equipment : 23 September, 2010
BioCision’s modular CryoPrep System is designed to offer a complete solution for all cell freezing procedures – from ice-free cooling to convenient portability of cell samples and a controlled rate of freezing without alcohol.
Refrigerated 18 and 24-place microcentrifuges offer quick pre-cooling benefits
Laboratory equipment : 22 September, 2010
Eppendorf is releasing new refrigerated 18 and 24-place microcentrifuges that feature a small footprint, quiet operation and a FastTemp function for quick pre-cooling.
Study confirms granulocyte count benefits for Horiba haematology analyser
Haematology systems : 21 September, 2010
A study has confirmed that the granulocyte count of Horiba Medical ABX Micros ES60 3-part differential haematology analyser correlates well when compared to the neutrophil count of a 5-part differential analyser, in the absence of specific flagging.
Quintet of mass spectrometry software solutions boost proteomics research
Mass spectrometer : 21 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils a suite of five complementary software solutions and enhancements designed to achieve breakthrough progress in qualitative and quantitative proteomics.
New Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin FFPE RNA kit offers high quality yields
Amino acid analysers : 17 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Epsom, UK, is offering the new Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin FFPE RNA kit to UK scientists.
3D cell culture ;INSERTs offer improved cultivation of adherent cell cultures
Laboratory equipment : 15 September, 2010
Sterilin is offering new Iwaki Vecell 3-dimensional cell culture inserts that provide improved cultivation of adherent cell cultures and reliable cell growth.
New kit quickly identifies microorganisms from positive blood culture bottles
Laboratory equipment : 14 September, 2010
Bruker Daltonics is introducing the new MALDI Sepsityper kit for the rapid identification of microorganisms from positive blood culture bottles, using Bruker’s industry-leading MALDI Biotyper solution.
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