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Analysis, Inspection and Laboratory
bioMerieux launches chromID MRSA chromogenic medium for MRSA screening
Consumables : 13 September, 2010
bioMerieux launches a new version of chromID MRSA chromogenic medium for the detection of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), providing a cost effective solution for rapid routine screening.
ARUP Laboratories installs next-generation rapid microbial identification system
Mass spectrometer : 09 September, 2010
ARUP Laboratories installs the Bruker MALDI Biotyper system as its next-generation rapid microbial identification system.
University of Maryland School of Medicine selects 950 MHz NMR spectrometer
Spectroscopy : 09 September, 2010
Bruker receives a major order from the University of Maryland School of Medicine for its ultra-high field AVANCE III 950 US2 NMR spectrometer.
Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin TriPrep kit focuses on gene expression studies
Amino acid analysers : 08 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Macherey-Nagel NucleoSpin TriPrep kit is now available to UK scientists through Thermo Fisher Scientific, Epsom, UK.
Thermo Fisher Scientific welcomes Vialis to Informatics Global Partner Alliance
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 08 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is extending its reach across Central Europe by making Vialis the latest member of its Informatics Global Partner Alliance.
Thermo Fisher Scientific opens microanalysis sales and support office in the UK
Spectroscopy : 07 September, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific sets up a sales and support office for microanalysis products sold in the United Kingdom.
Qiagen flexible automated solution sets new standards for molecular testing
Automation systems : 03 September, 2010
Qiagen is launching its flexible automated solution QIAsymphony RGQ which is a novel, integrated system that claims to set new standards for molecular testing and incorporates all workflow steps from sample to detection.
RMGS at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester automates DNA extraction process
Automation systems : 03 September, 2010
A Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation in combination with chemagen’s nucleic isolation technology to perform fully automated DNA extraction is now being used by the Regional Molecular Genetics Service (RMGS) at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.
Eppendorf UK reveals new centrifuge promotion offer
Laboratory equipment : 02 September, 2010
Eppendorf UK’s autumn Advantage promotion is offering savings on the company’s top-performing microcentrifuges, multipurpose centrifuges and LoBind Tubes.
BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Turkey selects IKS International for sample storage
Laboratory equipment : 01 September, 2010
IKS International of Rosmalen, the Netherlands is supplying all the sample storage and security equipment at the new BAHCECI Fulya IVF centre in Istanbul following a joint project with their Turkish distributors Gonagen.
Biotage unveils new range of peptides purification HPLC columns
Chromatography equipment : 01 September, 2010
Biotage is launching a new range of peptides purification HPLC columns optimised for peptide purification.
Next-generation UV-Visible spectrophotometers offer enhanced productivity.
Spectrophotometry : 26 August, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific launches its Evolution 200 series of next-generation UV-Visible spectrophotometers featuring new INSIGHT software with CUE (Customized User Environment) scripting capabilities.
HM550 Cryostat with cold disinfection receives leading research award
Pathology systems : 25 August, 2010
The Thermo Scientific HM550 Cryostat system with cold disinfection is selected as an R and D 100 award winner by an independent judging panel and the editors of R and D.
Cyprotex unveils new in vitro toxicology service in Macclesfield, UK
Contract research : 23 August, 2010
Cyprotex launches the company’s new in vitro toxicology service, branded as Cyprotox and will be supporting the new service with an additional 90 square metres of laboratory space at Cyprotex's Macclesfield, UK facility.
Thermo Fisher Scientific plans Laboratory Informatics Symposiums in South Africa
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 19 August, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific plans to host a series of Laboratory Informatics Symposiums (LIS) from September 14 to September 20, 2010 in three South African locations.
UV-VIS flash purification system offers broadest wavelength detection
Spectroscopy : 17 August, 2010
Biotage introduces of the Isolera UV-VIS flash purification system which is an UV-VIS system that enables detection of organic molecules with spectral absorbance between 200 nm and 800 nm making it the broadest wavelength detection flash system available to chemists.
Tecan partnere Miltenyi Biotec to develop automated cell biology separators
Automation systems : 17 August, 2010
Tecan is partnering Miltenyi Biotec, a leading provider of cell biology solutions, to develop a range of automated solutions for cell biology, based on the powerful MACS Magnetic bead technology.
BioRobotics selects workflow solutions from Health Robotics
Automation systems : 16 August, 2010
BioRobotics selects Health Robotics' ivSTATION Robot and ivSOFT Workflow Engine to complete its objective to become the gold standard for IV Admixtures Automation in the Republic of Korea, building on top of its CytoCare exclusive agreement nine months ago.
Cooling and freezing system delivers all-day ice-free sample temperature control
Laboratory equipment : 12 August, 2010
BioCision’s innovative CoolBox cooling and freezing system offers all-day ice-free sample temperature control.
iSOFT partners i-Path to offer web-based digital pathology solutions
Pathology systems : 04 August, 2010
iSOFT Group is to partner with Belfast-based i-Path Diagnostics to boost its ability to deliver modern, web-based digital pathology solutions to its 150 pathology customers in the UK and the wider market.
Tecan collaborates with PhyNexus to automate protein purification
Automation systems : 29 July, 2010
Tecan is collaborating with PhyNexus to develop standard processes for automating protein purification using PhyTip columns integrated onto a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform.
AB SCIEX collaborates with CDC to advance clinical research
Chromatography equipment : 29 July, 2010
AB SCIEX is collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the CDC Foundation to facilitate the use of mass spectrometry technologies in clinical laboratories for hormone testing.
Real-Time PCR instrument extends price performance benefits
PCR equipment : 29 July, 2010
Illumina’s Eco Real-Time PCR System is a novel platform that promises to extend the access of real-time PCR applications to the individual bench scientist.
Fluid concentrator device aims to advance regenerative medicine
Stem cell technology : 28 July, 2010
Circle Biologics is claiming a break-through in regenerative medicine with its Autologous Platelet Concentrator Platform (APC) which is an innovative single device platform that is the first of its kind to incorporate both autologous (patient derived) cell concentration and protein concentration in one point-of-care device.
Meiji Techno unveils a new range of microscopes and accessories
Microscopy equipment : 28 July, 2010
Meiji Techno UK unveils the MT9900 Series Polarizing Microscopes which are ideal for the study of thin sections and other mounted samples.
Genome sequencing kit enhances throughput and quality
DNA sequencing equipment : 27 July, 2010
Illumina is launching the TruSeq SBS Sequencing kit that will enable high-quality paired end reads of 150 base pairs (bp), increase the output of high-quality base calls, and enhance throughput to greater than 95 Gigabases (Gb) of high-quality base pairs per run on Illumina's Genome Analyzer (GA) sequencing system.
Thermo Fisher Scientific helps support new Biomarker Research Centre in Japan
Mass spectrometer : 26 July, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is aiming to introduce mass spectrometry-based workflows and technologies into Japan to advance personalized medicine and healthcare and set up a new Biomarker Research Centre in Tokyo, Japan.
New generation of low cost LIMS features breakthrough user interface
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 23 July, 2010
London-based start-up company, Two Fold Software, is launching a new breed of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that features a breakthrough user interface which simplifies LIMS use while lowering running costs.
AB SCIEX partners ETH Zurich to boost high-throughput metabolomics analysis
Mass spectrometer : 23 July, 2010
AB SCIEX is working with scientists at the ETH Zurich Institute of Molecular Systems Biology as part of the Swiss Systems Biology Programme to accelerate analysis and improve results for metabolomics.
Automated cell image analyser targets mid-volume haematology testing demands
Haematology systems : 22 July, 2010
Sysmex is adding the CellaVision DM1200 cell image analysis analyser to the company’s haematology product offering.
Application note spotlights DDDT logic benefits
Mass spectrometer : 21 July, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is releasing a new application note entitled 'Enhancing Phosphotyrosine Proteome Coverage using a Combined ETD and CID Approach on a LTQ Orbitrap XL ETD'.
ICON opens hospital based translational medicine unit in Manchester
Contract research : 20 July, 2010
ICON opens a purpose-built clinical pharmacology unit within the Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust (CMFT) campus in Manchester, UK.
Bionas launches new reader for impedance-based, cellular analysis
Automation systems : 20 July, 2010
Bionas is launching its new Bionas adcon reader for impedance-based, cellular analysis.
Sectioning instrumentation improves UK tissue bank’s productivity
Pathology systems : 19 July, 2010
The Parkinson's UK and MS Society Tissue Bank, which supplies the research community with high-quality Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis (MS) tissues, is using its Thermo Scientific Finesse Microtome for the preparation of tissue samples for its neuropathological examinations.
MIP-based 96-well screening plates help identify genotoxins
Laboratory equipment : 16 July, 2010
Biotage introduces the company’s ExploraSep 96-well screening plates to identify optimum scavengers.
Alliance focuses on MSIA workflow development
Mass spectrometer : 16 July, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific is forming an alliance with Intrinsic Bioprobes (IBI) to co-develop and market a mass spectrometry solution that will enable researchers to perform quantitative, high-throughput, high-resolution protein biomarker assays.
NHS Wales selects InterSystems TrakCare as it National Laboratory System
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 15 July, 2010
NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) selects InterSystems as its National Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) partner to support the increasing diagnostic activity NWIS is facing, which is seeing currently more than 21 million tests a year, for the whole of Wales with its population of approximately three million.
SHC rolls out InterSystems Ensemble to process millions of HL7 messages
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 15 July, 2010
InterSystems completes an enterprise-scale integration initiative at Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC) that sees the migration from legacy integration software to the InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform.
SHLS upgrades path lab with haematology analysers
Haematology systems : 14 July, 2010
Horiba Medical is upgrading the haematology analysers at the pathology lab of Synergy Health Laboratory Services (SHLS) in Abergavenny, Wales to three larger ABX Pentra 120 Retic systems.
Research tool for stable expression of mature MicroRNA is unveiled
DNA sequencing equipment : 14 July, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific launches a new product for the long-term over-expression of mature microRNA.
Gemotest of Russia selects iSoft to support central laboratory network expansion
Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) : 08 July, 2010
One of the five biggest providers of laboratory diagnostic services in Moscow, Russia, the Gemotest group, is expanding its central laboratory network by integrating the iSOFT Laboratory Module for microbiology.
Biotage lowers the cost of sample preparation with MIP column advance
Chromatography equipment : 08 July, 2010
Biotage is introducing its high-performance, AFFINILUTE MIP (Molecularly Imprinted Polymers) columns for analytical sample preparation that are designed to provide faster, more robust and ultimately lower cost sample preparation.
bioMerieux upgrades blood culture system to offer greater flexibility
Blood fractionation equipment : 07 July, 2010
bioMerieux’s BacT/ALERT 3D continues to be the most compact, modular and flexible blood culture system available, providing an optimal environment for the recovery of a wide range of pathogens.
Leibniz-Institut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie selects Tecan to screen bioactives
Automation systems : 06 July, 2010
The Leibniz-Institut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie in Berlin, Germany, is using Tecan’s Freedom EVO workstations for systematic high throughput screening of bioactive small molecule libraries, looking for potential research tools and targets for drug development.
Roche partners IBM to develop a nanopore-based DNA sequencer
DNA sequencing equipment : 05 July, 2010
Roche and IBM agree to develop a nanopore-based sequencer that will directly read and decode human DNA quickly and efficiently.
ICON Central Laboratories opens new laboratory facility in Tianjin, China
Contract research : 05 July, 2010
Central Laboratories - a division of ICON, is opening a new laboratory facility in Tianjin, China, in partnership with Fountain Medical Development (FMD), which make it the third ICON laboratory in the Asia-Pacific region.
New electronic pipette handles complex or long pipetting series wit ease
Laboratory equipment : 02 July, 2010
The new Eppendorf Xplorer claims to redefine standards for simplicity, precision and ergonomic handling in electronic pipetting.
Thermo-conductive tube, plate and sample holders deliver reproducibility benefits
Sample management equipment : 02 July, 2010
Thermo-conductive CoolRacks from BioCision are introducing critical reproducibility and instant organisation into benchtop sample cooling and freezing for the clinical, diagnostics, pharmaceutical, biotech and CRO markets.
Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils all-in-one microanalysis solution
Spectroscopy : 30 June, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific launches the QuasOr EBSD, an option for its all-in-one microanalysis solution, NORAN System 7.
Two-component PCR plate offers smaller-scale experiment benefits
PCR equipment : 25 June, 2010
Eppendorf is launching the first two-component PCR plate designed to be easily divisible, saving material and money when running smaller-scale experiments.
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