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Assisted/Independent Living
VTT develops NFC solutions for the visually and hearing impaired
Special Needs equipment : 10 February, 2012
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is developing new NFC-based applications that make life easier for the visually impaired.
Birmingham City Council launches city-wide telecare programme
Telehealth : 02 February, 2012
Birmingham City Council is launching its large-scale, city-wide telecare service in partnership with Tunstall.
Paediatric seating system improves a child's quality of life
Wheelchairs : 17 January, 2012
Six year old Angel Street from Dorset, was born with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, shows what a difference Consolor's Delfi Pro paediatric seating system can make to a child's quality of life.
NHS Oldham launches telehealth scheme for long-term patients
Telehealth : 10 January, 2012
NHS Oldham and Oldham Council is partnering Tunstall to provide patients with advanced telehealth solutions that will support them in the management of their long-term conditions.
Ottobock launches expert orthotics service in the UK
Patient aids : 15 December, 2011
Ottobock Healthcare is launching a new Private Orthotics Service that will deliver advice, support and affordable solutions for people suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.
Tunstall agrees strategic partnering arrangement with Mears
Telehealth : 11 November, 2011
Tunstall Healthcare (UK) and Mears Group agree a strategic partnering arrangement which will see the two organisations join forces to create an integrated, preventative service, delivered against a set of service outcomes, which could for example lead to an individual being enabled to live independently at home for longer.
Otto Bock launches bionic prosthetic system in the UK
Prosthetic limbs : 10 November, 2011
Otto Bock Healthcare is launching in the UK a new generation of intelligent, microprocessor-controlled leg prostheses.
NHS Plymouth partners Tunstall to implement a telehealth programme
Telehealth : 17 October, 2011
NHS Plymouth is partnering with Tunstall to implement a telehealth programme that will support the management of long-term conditions (LTCs) for patients in Plymouth.
Birmingham-wide telecare service helps independent living at home
Telehealth : 05 October, 2011
Birmingham City Council invests £14 million in a large-scale, city-wide telecare service in partnership with Tunstall.
Telecare service provides safety net for vulnerable people
Telehealth : 04 October, 2011
New technology to help keep older and disabled people safe at home is being extended to even more people in Nottinghamshire thanks to Nottinghamshire County Council's 'Telecare' service being made available countywide from 3 October 2011 as part of a new partnership with leading tele-healthcare provider Tunstall.
Personal alarm service upgrades to us new call monitoring system
Telehealth : 16 September, 2011
Chichester Careline is enhancing the company's 24-hour personal alarm service with a call monitoring and management system upgrade from Tunstall.
Cardiocom partners THA Group to expand chronic telehealth programme
Telehealth : 17 August, 2011
THA Group, a in-home health company serving coastal Georgia and South Carolina, plans to partner Cardiocom to expand its chronic telehealth programme providing advanced home telehealth technology to patients with chronic conditions. Cardiocom, Experts in Telehealth, a manufacturer and clinical service provider of award-winning telehealth solutions.
Next generation leg prosthesis system offers greater user independence
Prosthetic limbs : 10 August, 2011
Otto Bock Healthcare is launching the company's next generation C-Leg leg prosthesis system which features mechanical and electronic enhancements, the new C-Leg enable users to achieve an improved and more natural walking pattern.
Prosthetic hand showcases Reliance's customised mechatronic component skills
Prosthetic limbs : 08 April, 2011
RSL Steeper’s bebionic hand demonstrates Reliance Precision Mechatronics' expertise and adaptability in providing customised mechatronic components and integrated assemblies and was the highlight of Reliance’s exhibition stand at MEDTEC UK 2011, Birmingham, UK.
Tunstall Healthcare equips Saxon Weald social housing with telecare solutions
Telehealth : 24 March, 2011
Tunstall Healthcare is deploying a range of telecare solutions at Saxon Weald, one of the largest providers of social housing in West Sussex, to enhance security and safety for residents living in its Extra Care retirement housing.
Flexyfoot signs exclusive distribution deal for UK and Ireland with Trulife
Walking aids : 22 March, 2011
Flexyfoot, an innovative new concept in walking aids, signs an exclusive distribution deal for the UK and Ireland with Trulife, a manufacturer and supplier of orthopaedic and physical rehabilitation products.
Intel-GE Care Innovations receives 510(k) clearance Ifor ntel Health Guide Express
Telehealth : 07 March, 2011
Intel-GE Care Innovations, the newly-formed joint venture from GE and Intel, receives 510(k) market clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the Intel Health Guide Express.
New car fully converted for wheelchair access is prize for Naidex National visitors
Wheelchairs : 11 February, 2011
Visitors to Naidex National are being given the chance to win a brand new car fully converted for wheelchair access in a competition being organised by Constables Mobility as they celebrate owner and founder, David Constable’s 30th Anniversary in the industry.
Otto Bock plans to unveil next generation of dynamic wheelchairs
Wheelchairs : 08 February, 2011
Otto Bock Healthcare plans to launch at Naidex 2011 the company’s next generation of Avantgarde wheelchairs that offer increased reliability and comfort in a dynamic design.
Otto Bock becomes second London 2012 Paralympic-only sponsor
Prosthetic limbs : 02 February, 2011
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) has appointed Otto Bock as the official Prosthetic, Orthotic and Wheelchair Technical Services Provider for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.
WellAWARE partners Philips Lifeline to monitor 700,000 resident seniors in USA
Medical alert services : 27 January, 2011
WellAWARE Systems enters into a co-marketing agreement with Philips Lifeline, which is the leading provider of medical alert services in North America, monitoring more than 700,000 subscribers.
Electronically controlled leg brace helps restore mobility
Prosthetic limbs : 11 January, 2011
A 63 year old female suffering from muscular paralysis as a result of childhood polio becomes the first UK patient to wear a revolutionary, electronically controlled leg brace - the E-MAG Active from Otto Bock Healthcare - that helps restore or maintain mobility.
HomePod rental service offers COPD sufferers peace of mind this winter
Telehealth : 30 November, 2010
The HomePod from Telehealth Solutions is offering COPD sufferers and their families unprecedented peace of mind as temperatures plummet and the first snowfall of winter brings parts of the UK to a standstill, thousands of people have been left stranded in their homes.
Otto Bock unveils two new orthoses to help patients recover from strokes
Stroke products : 24 November, 2010
Otto Bock is showcasing the company’s complete range of stroke products for the first time at the UK Stroke Forum including the new Walk on Flex and Walk on Trimable orthoses.
Report shows impact of telecare on people with dementia in a residential home
Telehealth : 23 November, 2010
A new report by North Yorkshire County Council and St Cecilia’s, an independent residential provider, and authored by the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Assistive Technology Development Manager, highlights the positive impact of telecare on people with dementia living in a residential setting.
HomePod enables carers to take break from regular duties
Telehealth : 19 November, 2010
Telehealth Solutions’ HomePod is an iPad-like device that enables patients to measure vital signs, answer symptom questionnaires and send the results to a nurse.
Tunstall Healthcare paves the way for telecare interoperability
Telehealth : 17 November, 2010
Tunstall Healthcare is to make available the specification for its radio receiver and transmitter devices, providing customers with the ability to use devices such as PIRs, fall detectors and smoke detectors, from commercial organisations that offer products that meet Tunstall’s 869 radio communication specification and the necessary regulatory standards.
NHS Fife launches a two-year telehealth pilot for care for patients with CHF
Telehealth : 28 October, 2010
NHS Fife launches a two-year telehealth pilot involving up to 80 patients using Tunstall Healthcare’s advanced telehealth solutions to transform care for patients with Chronic Heart Failure (CHF).
Silver Chain to market Docobo’s telehealth solutions in Australia
Telehealth : 04 October, 2010
Docobo, the UK-based provider of the doc@HOME Telehealth solutions, signs a distributor agreement with Western Australia based Health Care service providers, Silver Chain.
NRS unveils Specials Needs Solutions brochure
Special Needs equipment : 30 September, 2010
Nottingham Rehab Supplies (NRS) releases a dedicated publication for therapists, parents, teachers and carers of disabled children and additionally incorporates equipment and helpful information for young adults with special needs. launches online marketplace for care and support
Carehome services : 30 September, 2010
The first Naidex South exhibition sees the launch of the service which is aiming to become the UK's leading online marketplace for care and support, and care-related goods and services, already features more than 40,000 care product and service providers and suppliers, and is on track to more than treble this figure ahead of its launch.
AKW launches intelligent shower for people with limited mobility and dexterity
Bathing equipment : 30 September, 2010
AKW, a provider of elderly and disabled bathing products, is launching the company’s first electric care shower at the Naidex South exhibition in London.
New tabard style of clothing protectors offer durable benefits
Clothing protectors : 30 September, 2010
Bibetta is showcasing a new tabard style of clothing protectors at Naidex South 2010, London,
Power wheelchair offers new sit-to-stand functionality
Wheelchairs : 17 September, 2010
Otto Bock Healthcare’s Xeno power wheelchair’s sit-to-stand functionality restores the ability of the user to complete daily actions such as using a cash machine or ringing a doorbell.
Seat riser function helps make electric wheelchair more adaptable for children
Wheelchairs : 16 September, 2010
Otto Bock Healthcare has added a seat riser function to Skippi, which is the company’s brightly coloured electric wheelchair designed specifically for children, which makes adapting seat depth and width easy for children of different ages and sizes.
Orkney partnership deploys telehealth for patients with long-term conditions
Telehealth : 13 September, 2010
The health and social care partnership, Orkney Health and Care is launching a telehealth service using advanced solutions from Tunstall Healthcare to enhance healthcare delivery for patients with long-term conditions, such as chronic heart disease and chronic lung disease.
Docobo to market Silver Chain’s Community Care Client Management System
Telehealth : 07 September, 2010
Docobo signs an exclusive distributor agreement with Western Australia based Home Care organisation Silver Chain.
Docobo receives Framework agreement with Buying Solutions for Telehealth tools
Telehealth : 01 September, 2010
Docobo, one the UK’s leading provider of advanced Telehealth solutions and services is awarded a Framework agreement with Buying Solutions that will help support the continuing growth and adoption of its Telehealth and related services and solutions in the NHS.
Buying Solutions awards iSOFT a telehealth framework deal
Telehealth : 26 August, 2010
iSOFT Group is awarded a telehealth assistive technologies framework agreement from Buying Solutions, the national procurement organisation for all UK public services.
NHS Wiltshire deploys telehealth system to manage COPD patients
Telehealth : 25 August, 2010
NHS Wiltshire launches a telehealth initiative using next-generation telehealth solutions from Tunstall Healthcare to reduce avoidable hospital admissions and enable people to better manage long-term conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) at home.
Bridge worker pilot scheme looks to revolutionise care of the elderly
Community care : 24 August, 2010
The ′Bridge Worker’ role, which has been created in South Devon by charity Dartmouth Caring and NHS Devon, is offering a glimpse of the future for care of the vulnerable and elderly.
Tunstall Healthcare receives framework agreement from Buying Solutions
Telehealth : 11 August, 2010
Tunstall Healthcare is awarded a framework agreement for the supply of telecare, telehealth and telecoaching equipment and services to local authorities and NHS organisations.
Bexley Care Trust deploys teleheath system to manage long term health patients
Telehealth : 10 August, 2010
Bexley Care Trust, working with Tunstall Healthcare’s new ICP (integrated care platform), is introducing a revolutionary healthcare system to help patients manage their long term health condition at home.
GE and Intel form telehealth and independent living joint venture
Telehealth : 03 August, 2010
GE enters into a definitive agreement Intel to form a 50/50 joint venture to create a new healthcare company focused on telehealth and independent living.
Touch Bionics launches upgrade of pioneering prosthetic hand
Prosthetic limbs : 11 May, 2010
Touch Bionics is launching the i-LIMB Pulse, an all-new version of the innovative i-LIMB Hand, the world's first commercially available bionic hand.
NRS launches brochure dedicated to dementia patients
Dementia care equipment : 21 April, 2010
Nottingham Rehab Supplies chose Naidex 2010 to unveil a dedicated brochure the company has published that aims to help raise awareness about dementia and the range of equipment that can help improve the quality of life for sufferers, their families, friends and carers.
Honeycombed pressure-care management material offers pressure relief
Furniture and Seating : 21 April, 2010
Kirton is introducing the company’s Intelli-Gel pressure-care management material to address specialist seating and pressure care management requirements.
New bath lift range helps carers and users alike
Bathing equipment : 20 April, 2010
Nottingham Rehab Supplies is launching the Nuvo Bath Lift range at Naidex 2010 from 20-22 April in Birmingham, UK.
Blackpool telehealth project reduces hospital admissions by 75 percent
Telehealth : 20 January, 2010
Blackpool Council’s Vitaline and NHS Blackpool have reported on the use of telehealth home monitoring to support people with long-term conditions to enable them to live independently at home.
Multi-purpose book holder helps people with a disability to read and write
Reading aids : 04 January, 2010
A new award-winning multi-purpose book holder that can help people with a disability to read and write is one of more than 150 new products featured in the latest catalogue from Nottingham Rehab Supplies.
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