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NHS Leeds Community Healthcare benefits from ′Lean’ management approach
Training equipment and services : 27 August, 2009
Patients and staff at NHS Leeds Community Healthcare are benefitting from its Children and Family Services adopting ′Lean’ management practices.
Lean Healthcare Academy unveils plans for second annual exhibition and awards
Training equipment and services : 11 August, 2009
The Lean Healthcare Academy plans to stage its second annual exhibition and awards for excellence at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, on November 12, 2009.
Zimmer Institute offers interactive environment for surgeon and clinician education
Training equipment and services : 28 July, 2009
Zimmer Holdings launches the new Zimmer Institute that provides an interactive environment for surgeon and clinician education that the company believes sets new standards for the industry.
GxP Consulting extends regulatory compliance and project management service
Quality assessment : 28 July, 2009
GxP Consulting introduces an extended regulatory compliance and validation project management service to its portfolio of expertise.
HPA unveils programme for the Health Protection 2009 conference
Government agencies and authorities : 20 July, 2009
The Health Protection Agency (HPA) unveils an innovative and wide-ranging programme for the Health Protection 2009 conference, which is taking place at Warwick University from 14th to 16th September, 2009.
LAB conference shifts to 2011
Events organisations : 10 July, 2009
The second LAB, the European Trade Fair and Conference for Analysis, Bio and Laboratory Equipment in the UK is now to be held in 2011 following the announcement by Leipziger Messe (Germany) that the event for 2009 has been cancelled.
Adoption of pharmacomechanical thrombectomy looks set to accelerate in next five years
Market research : 26 June, 2009
Market intelligence specialist, Millennium Research Group (MRG) sees pharmacomechanical thrombectomy (PMT) procedure adoption accelerating over the next five years due to growing physician interest in treating deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
Mountway introduces new adjustable multi-functional shower, toilet and commode chair
Independent living equipment : 25 June, 2009
Mountway is introducing the new Etac Swift Mobil Tilt which is a multi-functional shower, toilet and commode chair which is both height and angle adjustable.
Adept Scientific releases upgrade to EndNote for Windows bibliographic management software
Information management : 19 June, 2009
Adept Scientific releases a major upgrade to EndNote for Windows, the bibliographic management software used by millions of researchers, librarians and students worldwide, from the Healthcare and Science business of Thomson Reuters.
ConvaTec unveils new online resource for ostomy healthcare providers
Information management : 08 June, 2009
ConvaTec is unveiling an online, interactive community and resource, ConvaTecLINK, which is a resource dedicated to practice solutions for ostomy healthcare providers.
Positive clinical trial results fuel growth in PV devices in Europe
Market research : 02 June, 2009
A report published by Millennium Research Group highlights that rapid growth in the number of endovascular procedures that treat lower extremity peripheral artery disease in Europe is being fuelled by positive clinical trial results, increased competitor focus, and the release of new drug-eluting devices for these indications.
Bradford Council’s Occupational Therapy service adopts lean working practices
Workforce management : 01 June, 2009
Bradford Council’s Occupational Therapy service is adopting lean strategies through a public and private sector partnership designed to streamline working practices and improve across-the-board service delivery.
IVD market in China looks to grow to more than $1.5 billion in 2009
Market research : 26 May, 2009
Diagnostic companies looking for growth in a tough economy can still find a vibrant market for their products in China, suggests a report from leading healthcare market research publisher, Kalorama Information.
Bupa selects Vivisimo Velocity Search Platform to power website search facilities
Medical search engines : 21 May, 2009
Bupa has selected the Vivisimo Velocity Search Platform to power enhanced site search capabilities for its websites.
Hospital industry downturn looks set to impact IVD sector
Market research : 15 May, 2009
A new market report from Kalorama Information says that hospital industry woes may be a concern for the $47 billion in vitro diagnostic industry.
Cancer biotherapeutics market is predicted double within five years
Market research : 13 May, 2009
The market for innovative biotherapies in cancer treatment will nearly double in the next five years and reach $60 billion in the next ten years, states a new report from life science market research publisher Kalorama Information.
Simbionix USA partners with B-Line Medical to offer simulation solutions
Training equipment and services : 06 May, 2009
Simbionix USA and B-Line Medical reaches a strategic agreement enabling the data integration of Simbionix Mentor simulation systems with B-Line Medical's SimCapture product.
Maplecroft releases flu pandemic maps that reveal countries most at risk
Information management : 05 May, 2009
Global risks specialist, Maplecroft releases three new maps and indices revealing the countries most at risk from an influenza pandemic.
Sales of In Vitro Diagnostics tests set to receive boost from Swine Flu outbreak
Market research : 04 May, 2009
The outbreak of swine flu is highlighting the public health importance of improved testing techniques and providing market opportunities for manufacturers of diagnostic tests and other products related to the disease states a new report released from market research specialists, Kalorama Information.
Bakare Beds clinch New Product of the Year Award at Naidex 09
Events organisations : 01 May, 2009
Following two days of voting by visitors and exhibitors, the Volker Vis-a-Vis Care Bed from Bakare Beds wins most innovative disability product on show this year and has been awarded the New Product of the Year Award on the second day of Naidex'09 (28-30th April, NEC, Birmingham, UK).
Biological wound dressings offer recession proof growth
Market research : 01 May, 2009
A new report from market research publisher Kalorama Information says new biologic techniques might be able to speed recovery and shorten hospital stays for patients undergoing the 100,000-plus surgical procedures performed each day in the USA.
Institutes, Royal Colleges and Trade Associations : 30 April, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – Findings released recently from the 20th annual HIMSS leadership survey shows that commitment to Healthcare IT remains a concern with electronic medical record, computerised provider order entry, security and financial issues being the main areas of consternation.
Mountway unveils new range of independent living solutions for Arthritis patients
Independent living equipment : 28 April, 2009
Mountway is offering a comprehensive range of products that are developed to make a real difference to the lives of people living with Arthritis.
Airedale NHS Trust is reaping the rewards of new 'Lean' approach
Workforce management : 27 April, 2009
Sue Speak, Head of Lean Improvement at Airedale General Hospital, Steeton, reports that Lean principles - similar to those used widely in industry to simplify operational procedures and boost productivity - are paying major dividends and having a big impact on patient care.
Diagnostic companies need new business models for personalized medicine solutions
Market research : 24 April, 2009
A new report ′Pharmacodiagnostics and Personalized Medicine 2009’ from healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information suggests that new business models will be required to enable personalized medicine to improve healthcare and reap large profits for diagnostic companies.
Malaria risk is higher in Nigeria and Ghana cautions the Health Protection Agency
Government agencies and authorities : 23 April, 2009
The Health Protection Agency releases new figures that indicate UK travellers visiting friends and family abroad, particularly in Nigeria and Ghana, continue to be the group of people most likely to acquire malaria.
Health Protection Agency updates C difficile figures
Government agencies and authorities : 17 April, 2009
The Health Protection Agency’s latest reported C difficile figures show that between October to December 2008 there were 6,257 cases recorded in patients aged 65 years and over.
Additional funds boost breastfeeding awareness initiative in Liverpool
Business development services : 17 April, 2009
The Department of Health is awarding an additional £100,000 to the Liverpool PCT to implement a programme to raise breastfeeding rates across the city.
World market for point of care IVD tests reaches $13 billion
Market research : 17 April, 2009
A new report from market analysts, Kalorama Information, indicates that the 2008 worldwide market for POC in vitro diagnostic tests (IVD) designed for self-testing and professional use reached more than $13 billion, according to ′World Markets for Point of Care Diagnostics 2009-13’.
Market study pinpoints neurologists attitudes to oral agents for MS treatment
Market research : 16 April, 2009
Decision Resources finds that surveyed neurologists anticipate that less than 30 percent of their use of emerging oral agents will be used for first line treatment of multiple sclerosis.
Molecular testing equipment is in demand at US laboratories
Market research : 09 April, 2009
There is still plenty of unmet need in US laboratories for new molecular testing equipment, according to a new Kalorama Information market research report entitled ′Who's Doing What in Molecular Diagnostics? - The Results of the Kalorama Information/Emmes Group Survey of US Laboratories’.
Liquid chromatography market to see steady but slow growth
Market research : 06 April, 2009
Kalorama Information predicts that liquid chromatography (LC), an important part of the medical laboratory for years, will see growth from a new application – food safety testing – in the wake of several publicised food scandals.
NIBSC merges with Health Protection Agency to extend expert services
Government agencies and authorities : 03 April, 2009
The National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) completes merger with the Health Protection Agency.
Health Protection Agency restructures network of environmental health labs
Government agencies and authorities : 03 April, 2009
The Health Protection Agency's newly restructured network of regional food, water and environmental laboratories is now operational.
Global dialysis market sees steady growth
Market research : 02 April, 2009
Medical market research publisher, Kalorama Information reports in its ′World Market for Dialysis Equipment and Services’ study that the global dialysis market has experienced five to six percent growth per year in the past five years.
New guidance recommends pregnant women should avoid high doses of radiation
Government agencies and authorities : 01 April, 2009
New guidance from the Health Protection Agency, The Royal College of Radiologists and the College of Radiographers recommends pregnant women should not undergo some types of medical examination that involve high doses of radiation to the foetus because of the small increased risk of causing childhood cancer.
Business development services : 31 March, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – Tony Davis is the chief executive officer of Medilink West Midlands, an organization that develops business networks for medical and healthcare companies, resulting in commercial ventures and business growth in the West Midlands region of the UK.
Health Protection Agency releases new HIV statistics
Government agencies and authorities : 30 March, 2009
The Health Protection Agency estimates 7,370 new HIV diagnoses were made in the United Kingdom in 2008.
Report predicts global sales of stem cell therapeutics may rise 30 fold by 2013
Market research : 26 March, 2009
Market analysts at Kalorama Information estimates there could be a $500 million world market for stem cell therapies by 2013; now that the world’s largest healthcare economy can participate in development.
HPA publishes strategy to improve the health of UK children
Government agencies and authorities : 25 March, 2009
The Health Protection Agency publishes a strategy to improve the health and well-being of children in the United Kingdom by changing the environment in which they live.
Advanced burn treatments show sales growth spurred on by biologic dressings benefits
Market research : 24 March, 2009
Rapid developments in innovative and advanced burn treatments, which include biologic dressings which represent the fastest growing sub-segment, are leading to strong growth, faster recovery times and subsequent cost savings, according to a new report by Kalorama Information ′Wound Care Markets, 4th Edition, Vol. II: Burns’.
NHS hospitals need to improve treatment for children
Government agencies and authorities : 13 March, 2009
The Healthcare Commission has published a new report detailing progress by 154 NHS acute trusts since the watchdog reviewed services for children in hospital in 2005/06.
Simbionix collaborates with VirtaMed to support virtual reality hysteroscopy simulator
Training equipment and services : 12 March, 2009
Simbionix and VirtaMed, a Swiss medical engineering company, have signed a global collaboration agreement that will see Simbionix exclusively distribute, market, and provide service for the VirtaMed HystSim, an advanced virtual reality hysteroscopy simulator.
Skin ulcer treatments help spur growth in global wound care management market
Market research : 09 March, 2009
Estimates compiled by Kalorama Information and published in the market analyst’s report entitled ′Wound Care Markets, 4th Edition, Vol. I: Skin Ulcers’ value the market at $5 billion in 2008 and with annual growth of eight percent through 2013 despite the current recession.
GxP Consulting extends consulting and training services for drug development
Training equipment and services : 09 March, 2009
GxP Consulting has expanded the company’s range of services as part of its major growth strategy.
Health Protection Agency pinpoints health risk of takeaway kebabs restaurants
Government agencies and authorities : 06 March, 2009
Five percent of salads and sauces served in kebab takeaway restaurants in England, Wales and Northern Ireland contain ′unsatisfactory’ (4.7 percent) and ′unacceptable’ (0.4 percent) levels of bacteria according to a study carried out by the Health Protection Agency, LACORS (the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services) and local councils.
Latin America to see growth in demand for ventral hernia repair meshes
Market research : 02 March, 2009
Growing demand in Latin America for premium-priced ventral hernia repair meshes, which offer reduced recovery times, lower risk of infection, and lower recurrence rates, will cause revenues in this segment to surpass $20 million by 2013.
Market research : 27 February, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – The Credit Crunch looks unlikely to have a major negative impact on the world in vitro diagnostic test market. The major buffers that will protect the IVD test market will be the worldwide growth in ageing populations around the planet which are increasing demand for healthcare. Emerging markets worldwide are also gaining momentum. Another major boost in the Developed World are the planned federal healthcare initiatives in the USA that look set to provide a new boost to IVD testing.
McKesson Health Solutions pilots Uncompensated Care Management scheme
Legal and insurance services : 26 February, 2009
McKesson Health Solutions has launched an Uncompensated Care Management Program which the company is piloting with Baptist Health of Montgomery, Alabama, USA, to decrease the amount of uncompensated care provided within Baptist Health’s hospitals.
Mortality at 30 days is key therapy attribute for cardiologists for NSTEMI cases
Market research : 26 February, 2009
Market analyst, Decision Resources has found that a therapy's effect on incidence of mortality at 30 days is the attribute that most influences surveyed cardiologists' prescribing decisions in non-ST elevation myocardial infarction (NSTEMI).
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