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MRG report highlights steady growth for drug-eluting stents through to 2013
Market research : 19 February, 2009
Millennium Research Group's new market research study entitled ′US Markets for Interventional Cardiology Devices 2009 report’ indicates that the use of drug-eluting stents will continue to climb steadily through 2013, driven in large part by the adoption of primary percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) patients, who accounted for nearly 150,000 PCIs in the US in 2008.
Global IVD test market looks set to continue on growth path
Market research : 06 February, 2009
Market analysts, Kalorama Information, does not see the global in-vitro diagnostic test market stalling as a result of economic conditions.
Market report focuses on interoperability aspects of digital imaging systems
Market research : 04 February, 2009
A new report released by market analysts, Kalorama Information shows that the issue of interoperability between digital imaging systems is coming to the forefront.
New market report pinpoints the financial impact of HAIs
Market research : 03 February, 2009
A new report published by Kalorama Information and entitled ′Nosocomial Infections: Market Assessment for Diagnostics and Therapeutics’, estimates the financial burden of Hospital acquired infections (HAI) is between $4.5 billion and $5.78 billion annually.
New biological search portal for exploring dynamic gene-based content goes live
Medical search engines : 28 January, 2009
Sigma-Aldrich and Ingenuity Systems have launched Your Favorite Gene powered by Ingenuity, a web-based biological search portal for exploring dynamic gene-based content (
Endovascular training modules enable virtual placement of pacemakers and defibrillators
Business development services : 28 January, 2009
Simbionix has released two new endovascular training modules, Cerebral Interventions and Cardiac Rhythm Management.
ENDOVASCULAR THERAPY – A Prohealthservicezone Special Report
Events organisations : 23 January, 2009
The past week has seen a number of endovascular therapy research studies report on their recent work. This Special Report highlights some of the research activities and technology developments that are advancing endovascular therapy.
Pathology Service Associates launches new pathology CPT coding services website
Business development services : 16 January, 2009
Pathology Service Associates, a MED3OOO company with a nationwide network affiliation providing business services and support to over 80 independent pathology practices, has launched a new pathology CPT coding services website, PathLab Coding Solutions -
C difficile cases continue downward trend in patients aged 65 years and over
Government agencies and authorities : 15 January, 2009
The Health Protection Agency has reported C difficile figures which show that between July to September 2008 there were 7,061 cases recorded in patients aged 65 years and over.
Web-based translation program helps communication with non-English speaking or Deaf.
Translation services : 13 January, 2009
SignTranslate, a company owned by SignHealth, the healthcare charity for Deaf people, is launching SignTranslate Hospital, a new web-based translation program to help hospital staff to communicate with patients who are non-English speaking or Deaf.
Health Protection Agency study focuses on cancer risk radiation workers
Government agencies and authorities : 08 January, 2009
A new study by the Health Protection Agency has been published in the British Journal of Cancer which shows that the risk of developing cancer among radiation workers increases with the dose of ionising radiation they are exposed to.
Personal Health Records set to change Electronic Medical Records market in the USA
Market research : 31 December, 2008
A new report from Kalorama Information, 'US Markets for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) Technology', has highlighted the new trend of internet-based Personal Health Records (PHR)and examines how the focus of ownership of medical records is shifting from one that is distributed among various healthcare providers to one that is shared and controlled by both the patient and the provider.
Molecular diagnostics set to see double-digit annual growth through to 2012
Market research : 23 December, 2008
A new report from market analysts, Kalorama Information, suggests that molecular medicine will soon transform the entire spectrum of disease management, from assuring the early detection of disease, to defining the prognosis of disease evolution and predicting a patient’s response to specific therapies.
Sharjah Corniche Hospital and IIAmbS agree to promote French medical care in UAE
Marketing services : 22 December, 2008
Sharjah Corniche Hospital, a healthcare institute and The International Institute of Ambulatory Surgery (IIAmbS), based in Paris, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a new entity for encouraging French medical care and services in UAE.
MRSA cases show another fall
Government agencies and authorities : 19 December, 2008
The latest figures from the Health Protection Agency's mandatory surveillance of MRSA bloodstream infections show that there were 725 cases reported in England during the July to September quarter of 2008.
NHS Leeds joins Lean Healthcare Academy
Workforce management : 19 December, 2008
The Lean Healthcare Academy has recruited its 21st member – NHS Leeds, formerly Leeds Primary Care Trust.
Report traces expansion trends for the human blood and blood components sector
Business development services : 12 December, 2008
A new report from market analysts, Kalorama Information, highlights how the market for human blood and blood components is continuing to expand in correlation with the world’s growing and ageing populations, particularly in the USA, Japan, and Europe.
Manpower Software sees sales growth for electronic rostering solution
Workforce management : 03 December, 2008
Thirteen healthcare organizations have awarded new contracts for the purchase of Manpower Software's MAPS Healthroster, the electronic rostering solution during the company’s second quarter ended 30 November 2008.
Measles cases continue to rise following low MMR vaccine uptake
Government agencies and authorities : 28 November, 2008
The Health Protection Agency has reported that there have been 1,049 cases of confirmed measles in England and Wales up to the end of October 2008 which surpasses last year's total of 990 cases.
Clinical Solutions to use NetSearch to power search engine solutions
Medical search engines : 28 November, 2008
Clinical Solutions has signed a global resale agreement with Ardentia Search for its search and analysis tool NetSearch.
Report focuses on occupational exposure of healthcare workers to bloodborne viruses
Government agencies and authorities : 28 November, 2008
Healthcare workers are still being put at risk of bloodborne viruses through occupational exposure and a significant number of these incidents are preventable says a Health Protection Agency report.
Health Protection Agency estimates record numbers are living with HIV in the UK
Government agencies and authorities : 26 November, 2008
The Health Protection Agency has estimated that 77,400 people were living with HIV in the UK in 2007 with more than a quarter (28 per cent) unaware of their infection.
Lean Healthcare Academy unveil winners for annual awards for excellence
Workforce management : 21 November, 2008
The Lean Healthcare Academy has declared the winners of the organization’s inaugural annual awards for excellence.
e-Bug sets out to teach children about the use of antibiotics
Business development services : 20 November, 2008
′e-Bug’, a European Commission (DG-SANCO) sponsored project, developed by the Health Protection Agency and European partners, is going to enable children to be taught in schools about prudent antibiotic use and the importance of good hygiene as part of a new campaign to control the spread of antibiotic resistant infections.
United Lincolnshire Hospitals selects Manpower's MAPS Healthroster solution
Workforce management : 17 November, 2008
United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has selected Manpower Software's MAPS Healthroster solution for electronic rostering of all their staff groups including junior doctors and consultants, after a thorough evaluation of competitive offerings.
Health Protection Agency helps to develop group A meningitis vaccine
Business development services : 07 November, 2008
The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is contributing to the development of a vaccine that has the potential to eradicate large-scale outbreaks of group A meningitis that are commonplace in sub-Saharan Africa.
Liverpool Primary Care Trust collects social marketing health awards
Health promotion : 06 November, 2008
Two of Liverpool Primary Care Trust’s social marketing campaigns have proved winners at the recent North West Public Health Awards.
Health Protection Agency highlights early diagnosis HIV failings
Government agencies and authorities : 06 November, 2008
Research from the Health Protection Agency shows that almost half (42 percent) of all African individuals diagnosed with HIV in the UK are missing out on the benefits that come from early diagnosis including improved life expectancy, because they are diagnosed late – that is, after a point at which treatment should have started.
Lean Healthcare Academy launches second training centre
Workforce management : 05 November, 2008
The Lean Healthcare Academy’s second training centre has been launched and will serve the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust, Stoke-on-Trent.
Baxa develops interactive training tool for sterile compounding education
Training equipment and services : 03 November, 2008
Baxa has launched an interactive training capability, referred to as The Virtual Compounder, which enhances its existing web-based training tool for sterile compounding education.
Market for reusable medical devices and instruments to see double digit annual growth
Market research : 30 October, 2008
The high cost of disposing medical waste has seen hospitals begin to reduce the amount of biohazardous waste by turning to reusable medical devices and instruments, though they still generated approximately 7,200 tons of waste each day in 2007.
Lean Healthcare Academy shortlists nominees for inaugural annual awards
Training equipment and services : 30 October, 2008
The Lean Healthcare Academy has announced the shortlist of nominees for its inaugural annual awards.
Calderdale and Huddersfield recognise first 'Lean Champions'
Training equipment and services : 28 October, 2008
Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust’s first 'Lean Champions' have gained Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) NVQ Level 2 qualifications which have been delivered widely in manufacturing to streamline working practices, boost productivity and cut costs.
Health Protection Agency detail infection potential of injecting drug users
Government agencies and authorities : 28 October, 2008
The Health Protection Agency's 'Shooting Up' annual report examining infections among injecting drug users in the UK has reported that one-third of injecting drug users have reported having an abcess, sore or open wound at sites of injection - bacterial infections that are thought to cost the NHS around £47million a year.
Health Protection Agency responds to inhalation anthrax case
Government agencies and authorities : 27 October, 2008
The Health Protection Agency has responded to an isolated case of inhalation anthrax with the patient being treated in intensive care at a London hospital.
Abt Associates receives PATHS2 contract award to help Nigeria develop health services
Business development services : 22 October, 2008
Abt Associates has been awarded a contract to support the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems2 (PATHS2) by the UK Department for International Development
Malaysian medical centre selects Manpower's electronic rostering solution
Workforce management : 22 October, 2008
Sunway Medical Centre (SunMed) in Selangor, Malaysia has selected Manpower Software's MAPS Healthroster solution for electronic rostering to all clinical staff.
Liverpool PCT plans to extend Personal Health Trainers and CHAT programmes
Training equipment and services : 21 October, 2008
Liverpool Primary Care Trust is extending the organization’s Personal Health Trainers and Community Health Ambassador Team (CHAT) programmes and will shortly be inviting tenders.
TWU, Memorial Hermann Hospital System and VISICU partner to improve training for nurses
Training equipment and services : 16 October, 2008
The College of Nursing at Texas Woman's University (TWU) is partnering with the Memorial Hermann Hospital System and VISICU to use simulation techniques to train and equip new nurses with necessary skills to care for their patients.
West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust selects MAPS Healthroster solution for electronic rostering
Workforce management : 13 October, 2008
West Suffolk Hospital NHS Trust has selected Manpower Software's MAPS Healthroster solution for electronic rostering of their nursing and midwifery staff, with the intention of Trust-wide rollout.
Kalorama HIV therapeutics market study focuses on the potential of maturation inhibitor s
Market research : 13 October, 2008
According to a new report from Kalorama Information entitled ′HIV: Markets for Diagnostics and Therapeutics’ research is underway to develop more potent HIV therapies that have fewer toxic effects and are easier to administer, including a new category of anti-HIV drugs called maturation inhibitors.
New online resource offers international emergency medical dictionary for travellers
Translation services : 26 September, 2008
A new online resource featuring ′Medical Phrase Translations’ and ′International Drug Equivalencies’ has been added to Medex 360m Global Medical Monitor, a comprehensive website that provides vital and timely health risk and medical care information for specific international destinations.
Market report focuses on minimally invasive surgery trends
Market research : 23 September, 2008
A new report published by market analysts, Kalorama Information, entitled ′Minimally Invasive Surgical Devices, World Market’ highlights that pressure to reduce healthcare spending by shortening or eliminating hospital stays is a big factor driving innovation in minimally invasive technologies, as is patient demand for procedures with less trauma, blood loss, scarring and pain.
Auto Time Solutions teams up with Kailaz Software to develop mobile management solution
Workforce management : 23 September, 2008
One of the UK’s leading providers of workforce management solutions, Auto Time Solutions, has joined forces with Kailaz Software to create MobiBiz, which is one of the most comprehensive mobile-phone based time and job recording systems on the market.
Health Protection Agency welcomes increased HIV testing guidelines
Government agencies and authorities : 19 September, 2008
The Health Protection Agency has welcomed new guidelines from the British HIV Association (BHIVA), the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) and the British Infection Society (BIS) aiming to increase the offer of HIV testing to ensure fewer people go undiagnosed.
Market study shows how new sleep apnea treatments are driving contract manufacturers
Market research : 19 September, 2008
Kalorama Information’s new report, ′Contract Manufacturing Opportunities in High-Growth Medical Devices (Catheters, Pacemakers, LVADs, Hip and Knee Implants, Air Pathways, Syringes)’ describes how PAP devices, which include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP), and Variable Positive Airway Pressure (VPAP) machines have become the standard and most effective treatment available for sleep apnea.
Study indicates climate change may lead to more cases of Legionnaires’ disease
Government agencies and authorities : 18 September, 2008
A Health Protection Agency study has found that higher temperatures and increases in humidity are associated with an increase in cases of Legionnaires’ disease.
Health Protection Agency develops environmental sampling process for chemical disasters
Business development services : 17 September, 2008
A new environmental sampling process to help assess the risks to human health from major chemical disasters has been developed by the Health Protection Agency.
Success of Botox spurs on facial rejuvenation research
Market research : 17 September, 2008
Kalorama Information’s new report ′Facial Rejuvenation Markets Worldwide,’ shows the success of Botox has spurred research into innovative technologies, development of new products and the possibility of a topical Botox.
Facet fixation market to see high growth rates in the USA
Market research : 12 September, 2008
The facet fixation market, which includes facet screws, bolts, and allograft implants, will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 60 percent from 2007 to 2012 according to Millennium Research Group's (MRG) report entitled ′US Markets for Minimally Invasive Spine Technologies 2008’.
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