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GE Healthcare plans acquisition of PAA Laboratories
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 18 August, 2011
GE Healthcare agrees to acquire PAA Laboratories, a developer and supplier of cell culture media for biomedical research and the fast-growing biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing industry.
CryoLife launches new surgical adhesive in Japan for aortic dissections
Adhesives : 26 April, 2011
CryoLife is launching its BioGlue Surgical Adhesive in Japan and the material expected to be available in hospitals by late May 2011.
Quintiles to fund an adaptive clinical trial to develop breast cancer therapies
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 18 April, 2011
Quintiles is to contribute a total of $2.6 million over four years to support I-SPY 2, an adaptive clinical trial designed to develop breast cancer therapies twice as quickly and at one-fifth the cost of current methods.
New spine sealant from Covidien is approved by the US FDA
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 15 April, 2011
Covidien’s DuraSeal Exact spine sealant is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
NuSil unveils two new thermally conductive healthcare silicone elastomers
Polymers and elastomers : 06 April, 2011
NuSil Technology is introducing two thermally conductive healthcare silicone elastomers which can be used as a cure-in-place adhesive or potting compound between electrical and electronic components and heat sinks as part of a thermal management regime to keep medical devices operating at optimal levels.
Nordion divests several Belgian operations to Best Medical
Medical isotopes : 04 April, 2011
Best Medical acquires all shares of MDS Nordion SA, located in Fleurus, Belgium. Best Medical will be operating three of the four Belgian lines of business:
Vexim receives US FDA certification for new bone cement solution
Bone substitute materials : 01 April, 2011
Vexim receives US FDA certification for its flagship product Cohesion, a bone cement for injection into the vertebra for its fixation following minimally invasive spine repair with the company’s SpineJack device, or following conventional vertebroplasty.
Orthos receives CE Mark for new synthetic bone graft substitute
Bone substitute materials : 21 March, 2011
The UK orthobiologics company, Orthos Limited receives CE approval to market its proprietary βGel synthetic bone graft substitute for use as a bone filler in non-structural areas such as in spinal cages to assist fusion, inside acetabular defects caused by osteolysis and alongside pins and plates to assist bone fracture repair.
US FDA approves use of Mo-99 in the production of Tc-99m generators
Medical isotopes : 14 March, 2011
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves the use of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) derived from low-enriched uranium (LEU) in the production of technetium-99m (Tc-99m) generators.
Surgical sealant receives CE Mark and targets lung resection surgery
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 12 January, 2011
Neomend receives the CE Mark for the company’s ProGEL PLATINUM Surgical Sealant.
Lantheus Medical Imaging extends Mo-99 isotope deal with Nordion to 2013
Medical isotopes : 07 January, 2011
Lantheus Medical Imaging is extending its contract with Nordion through to 2013 for the continued supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99).
Medtronic acquires Osteotech to boost regenerative biologics performance
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 19 November, 2010
Medtronic completes the acquisition of Osteotech, following payment of $6.50 per share in cash for each share of Osteotech stock, with a total transaction value of approximately $123 million.
Biomet becomes Dutch distributor for Small Bone Innovations International
Bone substitute materials : 12 November, 2010
Small Bone Innovations International enters into an exclusive three-year distribution agreement in the Netherlands with Biomet Nederland, a subsidiary of Biomet, Inc., based in Dordrecht – the company’s European headquarters.
Cephalon agrees funding deal with ChemGenex for omacetaxine for CML patients
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 26 October, 2010
Cephalon signs a convertible note subscription agreement with ChemGenex Pharmaceuticals, an Australian-based oncology focused biopharmaceutical company.
Medtronic agrees to acquire Osteotech
Bone substitute materials : 18 August, 2010
Medtronic and Osteotech sign a definitive agreement which will see Medtronic acquire Osteotech for $6.50 per share in cash for each share of Osteotech common stock.
MDS Nordion signs Mo-99 supply deal with Lantheus Medical Imaging
Medical isotopes : 12 July, 2010
MDS Nordion signs a new contract with its primary customer, Lantheus Medical Imaging for the supply of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99).
Novozymes offers free evaluation samples of Bacillus-based sodium hyaluronate
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 07 July, 2010
Novozymes Biopharma is offering its customers free evaluation samples of the company's award-winning Bacillus-based sodium hyaluronate.
Medtronic launches bone cement with Hydroxyapatite in the USA
Bone substitute materials : 23 June, 2010
Medtronic launches KYPHON ActivOs 10 Bone Cement with Hydroxyapatite, a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) bone cement containing hydroxyapatite (HA) for use in the treatment of patients with vertebral compression fractures (VCFs) who are undergoing minimally invasive surgery with KYPHON Balloon Kyphoplasty.
Ubichem Research is approved to supply cGMP radiolabelled APIs
Medical isotopes : 02 June, 2010
Ubichem, through its Hungarian operation – Ubichem Research - completes a regulatory inspection and is now approved for the supply of cGMP radiolabelled Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).
Adhesive sealing films target high-throughput automated microplate sealers
Films : 25 May, 2010
Excel Scientific introduces Roll-Seal adhesive sealing films on rolls for use with high-throughput automated microplate sealers.
Plastics Selection Guide helps researchers optimise PCR performance
Polymers and elastomers : 14 April, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific releases its new reference tool which allows quick and easy selection of the most appropriate plastics for specific applications, from standard PCR and qPCR to high-throughput, automated processes and sample storage.
High viscosity bone cement offers treatment for vertebral compression fractures
Bone substitute materials : 01 March, 2010
Stryker Interventional Spine launches the company’s VertaPlex HV, a high viscosity bone cement for use in treating vertebral compression fractures.
Covidien agrees Polish source for Mo 99 and Tc 99m medical isotopes
Medical isotopes : 22 February, 2010
Covidien and the Institute of Atomic Energy in Poland (IAE POLATOM) sign an agreement to augment and further diversify Covidien's supply of Molybdenum 99 (Mo 99) to produce the medical isotope Technetium 99m (Tc 99m).
AdvanSource’s polymer products comply with EC’s new TSE guidelines
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 10 February, 2010
AdvanSource Biomaterials, a developer of advanced polymer materials for a broad range of medical devices, declares that its polymer product lines are compliant with measures applying to the processing of certain animal waste to protect against transmissible spongiform encephalopathies as set forth in European Council Decision 1999/534/EC.
PolyTherics to develop novel biopharmaceutical molecule
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 27 January, 2010
Leverton Licence Holdings (LLH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of CP2, is investing into a research programme to develop a novel biopharmaceutical molecule.
Pall acquires MicroReactor Technologies
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 14 January, 2010
Pall acquires MicroReactor Technologies(MRT), a privately held US biotechnology company. MRT has developed a reliable, easy-to-use and cost-effective miniature bioreactor technology platform.
Biocomposites offers minimally invasive delivery system for bone grafts
Bone substitute materials : 13 January, 2010
Biocomposites launches geneX ds, a dual syringe mixing and minimally invasive delivery system containing geneX, the resorbable bone graft material with a negative surface charge.
Smith & Nephew is selected by US DoD to treat battlefield injuries
Bone substitute materials : 23 November, 2009
Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics Division signs a technology development contract with the United States Department of Defense that may lead to the creation of a fracture fixation system intended to revolutionise the treatment of the limbs of soldiers who sustain battlefield injuries.
Study results available for use of Infuse Bone Graft for oral surgery
Bone substitute materials : 16 October, 2009
Results from comparative study between Infuse and autogenous bone grafts available from Medtronic
Positive results from Augment bone graft trial
Bone substitute materials : 15 October, 2009
Proprietary Augment Bone Graft treatment from BioMimetic Therapeutics demonstrated as not being inferior to Autograft in North American Pivotal Trial
Medical device materials to be launched at Medtec Ireland
Polymers and elastomers : 21 September, 2009
AdvanSource is attending the Medtec Ireland Design and Manufacturing Exhibition demonstrating the latest development in polymer materials for the medical device industry
High molecular weight polyethylene for improved hip and knee implants
Polymers and elastomers : 18 September, 2009
DSM Biomedical has developed a new polymer platform for orthopaedic implants providing improved mechanical properties
Emulsion for high spec electronics
Films : 10 September, 2009
The Autotype Plus Gold photo-stencil emulsion from MacDermid Autotype brings extra fine emulsion to medical electronics and bio-sensors
Water purification systems for laboratories
Water purification : 09 September, 2009
The Select product range from Purite has been designed for providing consistent pure water in line with the requirements of laboratories
Gel-like ultra soft elastomer
Polymers and elastomers : 02 September, 2009
Soft and flexible elastomer is ideal for moulding for various applications in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries
Purite unveils pure water solution for single patient haemodialysis
Water purification : 10 July, 2009
Purite develops an innovative solution for producing pure water for single patient haemodialysis.
Biomerix biomaterial manufacturing sites receive ISO 13485 recognition
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 16 June, 2009
Biomerix, a medical technologies company developing products using its novel Biomerix Biomaterial, a three-dimensional scaffold for biointegrative tissue repair, receives an ISO 13485 Certificate of Registration.
Antimicrobial alloys receive US EPA clearance
Metals and alloys : 12 June, 2009
Based on the results of extensive efficacy testing, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registers MicroGuard antimicrobial alloys for sale with public health claims.
MDS Nordion starts production of Rubidium-82 generators for Bracco Diagnostics
Medical isotopes : 11 June, 2009
MDS Nordion is commencing the manufacture of CardioGen-82 (Rubidium-82 generators), for Bracco Diagnostics (part of Bracco Group), one of the world's leading companies in the imaging agent business.
MDS Nordion opens radiopharmaceutical production facility for PET imaging
Medical isotopes : 01 June, 2009
MDS Nordion opens a facility in Fleurus, Belgium for the production of Glucotrace (Fluorodeoxyglucose), a radiopharmaceutical used in positron emission tomography (PET) imaging.
Novozymes Biopharma deal aims to expand albumin fusion technology
Raw materials : 07 May, 2009
Human Genome Sciences and Novozymes Biopharma have amended an existing license agreement to allow both companies to expand application of their proprietary albumin fusion technology.
Novozymes Biopharma sets standard as supplier of recombinant human albumin
Raw materials : 04 May, 2009
Novozymes Biopharma announces that the company’s Recombumin and albucult products are the first to comply with the new excipient monograph standard for recombinant human albumin, published in the United States Pharmacopoeia - National Formulary (USP-NF).
Cardinal Health supports advance medical imaging investment in Ohio
Medical isotopes : 01 May, 2009
The Ohio State University, Cardinal Health and Ohio Third Frontier are collaborating to invest more than $10 million to help shape the future of the medical diagnostic industry by combining Ohio State's Wright Center of Innovation in Biomedical Imaging research capabilities and Cardinal Health's manufacturing and commercialization expertise for molecular imaging agents.
New cGMP facility produces bacillus-based hyaluronic acid
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 29 April, 2009
Novozymes Biopharma, part of Novozymes, is constructing a new cGMP facility at the company's existing site in Tianjin, China that will enable its novel form of Bacillus-based Hyaluronic Acid (bHA), HyaCare, to be used within the bio-medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Hardcoated polyester film offers stainless steel effects for keyboards and panels
Films : 16 April, 2009
MacDermid Autotype launches an innovative new hardcoated polyester film for producing stainless steel effects for membrane keyboards, keypads and fascia panels.
Coatings and finishes : 31 March, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – Medilink West Midlands is an organization that brings together innovators from across the West Midlands region of the UK and works with leading component manufacturers, product developers and medical suppliers to showcase cutting edge technologies, products and services.
Polymers and elastomers : 31 March, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – Creganna, a leader in design and manufacturing solutions for minimally and less invasive therapies, introduced an advanced, biocompatible electroactive polymer (EAP) called MicroMuscle at Medtec Europe 2009 in Stuttgart earlier this month.
Polymers and elastomers : 31 March, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – At Medtec UK 2009 Eastman Chemical demonstrates a new family of medical-grade clear polymers that deliver a balance of design, moulding and end-product properties for medical devices.
Cardinal Health opens radiopharmaceuticals production facility in Nebraska, USA
Medical isotopes : 18 March, 2009
Cardinal Health opens a new facility in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, that manufactures radiopharmaceuticals, which gives local physicians new tools that aid in the early diagnosis and treatment of disease.
MDS Nordion launches improved administration system for Y-90 radiation therapy
Medical isotopes : 10 March, 2009
MDS Nordion has launched an improved administration system for TheraSphere, Yttrium-90 Microsphere (Y-90), a targeted internal radiation therapy for patients with inoperable, primary liver cancer.
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