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Blackford Analysis wins RCUK Business Plan Competition with MRI innovation
Research institutes : 20 October, 2008
The winners of the RCUK Business Plan Competition were scientists from the Blackford Analysis - Real-Time MRI Team at the University of Edinburgh.
Philips Research focuses on decision support software tool for automatic dementia evaluation
Research studies : 16 October, 2008
Philips Research has successfully concluded a usability and feasibility study of its decision support software tool for the automatic evaluation of dementia using PET (Positron Emission Tomography) image data.
Philips and Celsion collaborate to develop new cancer treatment
Research studies : 16 October, 2008
Philips and Celsion have signed a joint research agreement focusing on a new cancer treatment that combines Philips’ ultrasound technology with Celsion’s drug delivery solution to target tumours with high concentrations of a cancer-fighting drug.
ECRI Institute spotlights Patient Safety Organization (PSO) services at ASHRM conference
Research institutes : 02 October, 2008
Anticipating the release of final regulations for the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005, ECRI Institute is to preview its new Patient Safety Organization (PSO) services at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management (ASHRM) annual conference, October 2 to 5, 2008.
VTT begins Type 1 diabetes prevention study with Turku University Hospital and the Gothenburg University
Research studies : 02 October, 2008
VTT has begun a new three-year project with the Turku University Hospital and the Gothenburg University that aims to prevent Type 1 diabetes.
Symposium reveals knowledge gaps related to the sex differences in vascular disease
Research studies : 01 October, 2008
The ′Impact of Sex in Vascular Diseases and Implications for Therapies’ symposium revealed a series of knowledge gaps related to the sex differences in vascular disease, its symptoms, risk factors and response to treatment.
Philips aims to develop ultrasound-based drug delivery technology
Development services : 30 September, 2008
Philips is developing an ultrasound-based drug delivery technology designed to increase the effectiveness and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy treatment for certain types of cancer.
Adept Scientific partners with Knovel to offer online technical resource
Development services : 30 September, 2008
Adept Scientific is forming a partnership with Knovel of New York, USA to add, an online technical resource created for applied scientists and practising engineers.
Mayo Clinic uncover cause of diabetic complications
Research studies : 25 September, 2008
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found what may provide a solution to one of the more troubling complications of diabetes - delayed gastric emptying or gastroparesis.
University of Urbino and Philips Research to study magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents
Research studies : 24 September, 2008
The University of Urbino (Urbino, Italy) and Philips Research have signed a research agreement to study the encapsulation of magnetic nanoparticle contrast agents inside living blood cells to prolong the retention time of these agents in the blood.
St Jude research team discovers how enzyme regulates protein mechanism
Research studies : 19 September, 2008
Investigators at the St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered how the cell's array of proteins would instantly be reduced to a confusion of lethally malfunctioning molecules without a system for proteins to ′accessorize’ in order to regulate their function.
VTT to coordinate the SmartCell EU research project
Research institutes : 19 September, 2008
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is to coordinate the four-year SmartCell EU research project that will focus on developing methods for production of valuable pharmaceutical compounds using plant cells as a production host in an effective and controlled manner.
St Jude researchers show how to make tumour cells more sensitive to irradiation
Research studies : 17 September, 2008
Researchers from St Jude Children's Research Hospital have demonstrated that it might be possible to make tumour cells more sensitive to irradiation and some types of chemotherapy by treating them with a drug that cripples their ability to repair DNA damage caused by these therapies.
Researchers discover genetic link to increased risk of urinary bladder cancer
Research studies : 15 September, 2008
Researchers at deCODE genetics and Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands have reported the discovery of two common single-letter variants in the human genome (SNPs) that confer increased risk of urinary bladder cancer.
Mayo Clinic researchers shows stem cells can regenerate heart tissue
Research studies : 12 September, 2008
Mayo Clinic researchers have demonstrated that stem cells can be used to regenerate heart tissue to treat dilated cardiomyopathy, a congenital defect.
Philips to partner University Medical Center Utrecht for long term research
Development services : 11 September, 2008
Philips has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) setting out a long-term research partnership with the University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht, the Netherlands’ biggest university hospital.
Virtual hearts help cardiac doctors to get treatment right first time
Development services : 20 August, 2008
A major new EU-funded research project, led by Philips Research, is developing the technology further so clinicians can also map the electrical and muscle activity within the heart.
New study investigates use of microRNAs to identify primary brain tumours
Research studies : 10 July, 2008
Rosetta Genomics has released the results of a study conducted by its scientists and collaborators that describes the use of microRNAs in accurately differentiating primary from metastatic tumours of the brain.
Mayo Clinic shows implantable medical device blocks stomach nerve signals to combat obesity
Research studies : 26 June, 2008
Mayo Clinic researchers have collaborated in developing a new implantable medical device that provides a reversible and less extreme alternative to existing bariatric surgeries.
Mental and physical exercise helps alleviate genetic mental impairment
Research institutes : 23 June, 2008
Australian researchers at the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne have shown that mental and physical exercise can improve coordination and movement problems in Rett syndrome, which is a genetic brain development disorder that primarily affects females.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research use cloned cells to destroy tumours
Research institutes : 19 June, 2008
Researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have achieved the first successful use of a human patient's cloned infection-fighting T cells as the sole therapy to put an advanced solid-tumour cancer into long-term remission.
dMR research points the way to an early confirmation of Huntington’s disease
Research institutes : 17 June, 2008
Researchers from the Howard Florey Institute and Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, have used Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging (dMR), to identify extensive white matter degeneration in patients recently diagnosed with Huntington’s disease.
Howard Florey Institute aims to create individualised brain maps
Research institutes : 16 June, 2008
In an attempt to revolutionise diagnosis of disease and enhance the accuracy of brain surgery researchers from the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, Australia, are developing new technology to create individualised brain maps.
Schepens research team identify how brain stem cells can be awakened
Research institutes : 11 June, 2008
A research team from the Schepens Eye Research Institute have identified specific molecules in the brain that are responsible for awakening and putting to sleep brain stem cells, which, when activated, can transform into neurons (nerve cells) and repair damaged brain tissue.
New European research project aims to develop diagnostic procedures for Alzheimer’s disease
Development services : 06 June, 2008
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, GE Healthcare, a division of the General Electric Company and a consortium of leading research institutions across Europe have announced the PredictAD project, a research collaboration aimed at developing new diagnostic procedures for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.
Cardiac rehabilitation experts help heart attack patients adopt healthy habits
Research studies : 05 June, 2008
Researchers at Mayo Clinic have found that people recovering from acute heart problems such as heart attack and heart surgery are more likely to develop habits to control heart attack risk factors when they meet regularly with cardiac ′disease managers’.
St Jude researchers show that young children respond better to DPG treatment
Research studies : 30 May, 2008
St Jude Children's Research Hospital researchers have shown that children under three years old who have a diffuse pontine glioma (DPG) brain tumour appear to have a better outcome than older children with the same cancer.
Molecular Profiles to launch three new service platforms
Development services : 27 May, 2008
Molecular Profiles is to launch three new service platforms mpanalytics, mpconsulting and mpformulations Controlled Release Society Annual Meeting (CRS 2008).
deCODE reveals novel genetic links and skin cancer links
Research studies : 19 May, 2008
deCODE scientists and academic colleagues from Europe and the USA have expanded upon the company's recent findings in the genetics of pigmentation traits in people of European descent, and demonstrate that certain of these common variants also confer risk of two types of skin cancer.
Mayo Clinic research MRI’s role in recent increases in mastectomies
Research studies : 16 May, 2008
The number of women undergoing mastectomy for early-stage breast cancer has increased in the last three years at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA.
Quality of life for cancer patients' relates directly to their survival rates
Research studies : 16 May, 2008
A study of cancer patients by Mayo Clinic researchers, working with the North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG), showed that those paients who feel better live longer.
Australian research identify a factor contributing to heroin addiction
Research studies : 15 May, 2008
A research team from the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, Australia, have identified a factor that may contribute towards the development of heroin addiction by manipulating the adenosine A2A receptor, which plays a major role in the brain’s ′reward pathway’.
Queen’s University Belfast to develop new antenna designs for biosensors
Research institutes : 14 May, 2008
Experts in antennas and bioelectromagnetics at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), with funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), have developed new types of antenna that provide compact, wireless and power efficient body sensors that allow doctors to monitor illnesses and injuries remotely are a step closer thanks to new research.
St Jude research spotlights precise molecular control of T cells
Research studies : 13 May, 2008
A research study carried out by St Jude Children's Research Hospital shows that T cells, the body's master immune regulators, do not use simple on/off switches to govern the cellular machinery that regulates their development and function.
St Jude research team acute hearing study pinpoints key hair cells mechanism
Research studies : 08 May, 2008
Researchers from St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered an electrically powered amplification mechanism in the cochlea of the ear is critical to the acute hearing of humans and other mammals.
ACRO leads the way forward in CTTI
Research institutes : 07 May, 2008
The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO), which represents the clinical outsourcing industry to regulators, biopharmaceutical clients, policymakers, and the public in the USA and worldwide, is taking a leadership role in the recently formed Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative (CTTI).
Cels supports KITE project to counter dementia problems
Development services : 23 April, 2008
Cels has helped to facilitate an innovative project that aims to counter social and practical problems caused by dementia has launched two state-of-the-art prototypes.
Mayo Clinic shows exercise helps reduce risk of mild cognitive impairment
Research studies : 17 April, 2008
A new research study from a team of Mayo Clinic researchers have found that regular physical exercise may help protect against mild cognitive impairment, a disorder of the brain that affects nerve cells involved in thinking abilities.
Everest research focuses on children with chronic breathing disorders
Research studies : 17 April, 2008
The Smiths Medical Young Everest Study (SMYES) has reported the findings of its investigation into how nine healthy British children, then aged six to 13, coped with low oxygen levels (hypoxia) on the world’s highest mountain in March 2007.
Causes of young-onset dementia identified by Mayo Clinic team
Research studies : 16 April, 2008
A new study from Mayo Clinic researchers has reported that young-onset dementia often is caused by neurodegenerative or autoimmune/inflammatory conditions, but only rarely by Alzheimer's disease.
Gene study pinpoints drug resistance pathway for childhood leukemia
Research studies : 16 April, 2008
St Jude Children's Research Hospital has released results from a study that indicates the first analysis of the genetic determinants of resistance to the anti-cancer drug methotrexate in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) could offer a pathway to predicting such resistance and treatments to overcome it.
Mayo Clinic discovers REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is linked with Parkinson's disease
Research studies : 16 April, 2008
The findings from three new research studies carried out by the Mayo Clinic has discovered that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep behaviour disorder is associated with anxiety, apathy, lower scores in attention and executive functioning, as well as symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
ALS Therapy Development Institute collaborates with Allen Institute for Brain Science
Research institutes : 09 April, 2008
The ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) has entered into an agreement with the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, Washington, USA, for in situ hybridization (ISH) services using diseased tissues from a preclinical animal model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease.
Johns Hopkins Medical School to collaborate with University of Patras in Greece
Research institutes : 09 April, 2008
The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has established a formal educational agreement with the University of Patras, the third largest university in Greece, to enable both organizations to collaborate on research and on student and faculty exchanges.
Heart centre prepares to develop first implantable and external paediatric heart pumps
Development services : 04 April, 2008
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, a national leader in the use of lifesaving ventricular assist devices (VADs) for children in heart failure, is part of a collaboration that has been awarded a $2.3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to develop an external heart pump designed specifically for small children.
Mayo Clinic finds infection risks for inflammatory bowel disease patients
Research studies : 04 April, 2008
Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered that patients who are 50 or older and take multiple immunosuppressive medications for inflammatory bowel disease have a higher risk for developing infections.
CARDIOLOGY – A Prohealthservicezone Special Report
Research institutes : 03 April, 2008
The past week has seen a number of cardiology research studies report on their recent work. This Special Report highlights some of the research activities and technology developments that are advancing cardiology.
Philips signs long-term research partnership West China Hospital
Development services : 03 April, 2008
Philips has signed a long-term research partnership agreement with the West China Hospital, an affiliate of the Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.
Dutch institute allocate euros 150m for early diagnosis projects
Research institutes : 02 April, 2008
Nine projects will receive research funding amounting to euros 150 million allocated by The Center for Translational Molecular Medicine (CTMM) - a Dutch public-private partnership committed to the research and development of new techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of major diseases.
ICR special interest group focuses on research nurses
Research institutes : 01 April, 2008
The latest special interest group (SIG) to be set up at the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) will focus on role recognition, assessing training requirements and meeting skills gaps.
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