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New surgery procedure benefits children with kidney cancer
Research studies : 25 March, 2008
Physicians from St Jude Children's Research Hospital have demonstrated that children with bilateral Wilms tumour, a cancer of the kidneys, can retain normal function in both kidneys by undergoing a procedure called bilateral nephron-sparing surgery.
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia researchers seek breakthrough
Research studies : 21 March, 2008
To raise the survival rate of adolescents and adults with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), researchers will need a more thorough understanding of the biology of this form of leukemia, including the role that genes play in therapies, reports Ching-Hon Pui, MD, chair of the Department of Oncology at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.
Diabetes vaccine to start Phase III trials in Europe
Development services : 20 March, 2008
The Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) has approved the Diamyd Medical 's application to commence Phase III studies with the therapeutic diabetes vaccine Diamyd.
QResearch supports Europe’s largest adverse drug reaction detection project
Research studies : 20 March, 2008
The first large scale European-wide initiative to detect adverse drug reactions (ADRs) – the ALERT project is being supported by QResearch – a not-for-profit partnership between EMIS and the University of Nottingham.
St Jude researchers discovers signalling system that halts childhood brain cancer growth
Research studies : 17 March, 2008
St Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists have discovered a safer way to treat medulloblastoma, a rare but often-fatal childhood brain tumour.
Diabetes vaccine proceeds with Phase III clinical study
Development services : 17 March, 2008
The US FDA has granted Diamyd Medical permission to proceed with a Phase III clinical study in type 1 diabetes patients in the USA with the therapeutic diabetes vaccine Diamyd.
MUSC reveals new bladder cancer diagnostic tool
Development services : 11 March, 2008
A new diagnostic tool to detect and monitor bladder cancer has been unveiled by the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Foundation for Research and Development.
Mayo Clinic research shows that capsule endoscopy provides magnified view of intestinal damage
Research studies : 29 February, 2008
Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered that capsule endoscopy can provide a magnified view of the intestinal damage caused by coeliac disease.
New EU funded research project aims to use telemonitoring to improve the care of heart patients
Development services : 22 February, 2008
Philips is to lead a new European Union (EU) funded research project aimed at improving care of heart patients through the development of innovative telemonitoring solutions.
ICR launches new career booklet for pharmacy professionals in clinical research
Research institutes : 15 February, 2008
A new career booklet to provide information to those wishing to enter the pharmacy profession or pharmacy staff seeking a career move has been published by the Institute of Clinical Research (ICR). The booklet is also available as a free eBook on the ICR’s website (ISBN: 9781905238491).
New updatable 3-D holographic display promises medical imaging benefits
Research studies : 11 February, 2008
Optical scientists from University of Arizona have developed a three-dimensional holographic display that can be erased and rewritten in a matter of minutes.
Computerised image analysis technique aims to help radiologists to feel organs using a 3-D mouse interface
Research studies : 11 February, 2008
A research project at Uppsala University in Sweden is investigating the potential, with the aid of computerised image analysis, for radiologists to feel images with the help of a three-dimensional mouse.
Swansea University researches breath test for cancer and diabetes
Research studies : 11 February, 2008
Swansea University researchers are using state-of-the-art equipment to develop a breath test for diagnosing diseases including diabetes and cancer.
Joslin Diabetes Center pinpoints a key metabolic syndrome factor that heightens risk of cardiovascular disease
Research institutes : 06 February, 2008
Researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center have identified insulin resistance in the liver as a key factor in the cause of metabolic syndrome and its associated atherosclerosis, disorders that put tens of millions of Americans at high risk of cardiovascular disease.
VTT and the UC Berkeley work together to develop more efficient diagnostics
Development services : 29 January, 2008
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the University of California in Berkeley, USA, have started a three-year project to address technology barriers in the field of low cost diagnostics with the aim of developing printed intelligence technology for mass production of analytical devices.
ICR and EMWA to host symposium focused on the ethics of publishing clinical trial results
Research institutes : 28 January, 2008
The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) is to collaborate the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) to holding the first joint symposium entitled: ′Publishing Clinical Trials: Ethics and the Pharmaceutical Industry’.
Mayo Clinic discovers association between diabetes and pancreatic cancer
Research studies : 24 January, 2008
Researchers from the Mayo Clinic have revealed that 40 percent of pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed with diabetes prior to their pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
Australian research shows exercise delays dementia in Huntington's disease
Research studies : 24 January, 2008
Researchers at Melbourne’s Howard Florey Institute have found that mental and physical stimulation delays the onset of dementia in Huntington's disease patients.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital reveals genetic link to paediatric eye cancer
Research studies : 17 January, 2008
St Jude Children's Research Hospital has led a team of researchers make a genetic discovery that helps answer a long-standing mystery about the eyes of vertebrates, and may translate into a deeper understanding of how genes coordinate the complex process of eye formation and how a rare paediatric eye cancer progresses.
US cancer study shows adolescents and young adults survival rates are lower than younger patients
Research studies : 16 January, 2008
The overall survival rate in the USA from cancer now is lower in older adolescents and young adults with cancer than in younger children according to a study by paediatric oncologists at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.
deCODE finds a common genetic variant is associated with increased risk of AAA and IA conditions
Research studies : 07 January, 2008
Researchers from deCODE have discovered that the genetic variant on chromosome 9p21 that the company has linked to increased risk of heart attack is also associated with up to 70 percent increase in risk of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) and intracranial aneurysm (IA).
Long term learning mechanism revealed by Carnegie Mellon University
Research studies : 04 January, 2008
Neuroscientists from Carnegie Mellon University and the Max Planck Institute have discovered the mechanism that explains how brain synapses strengthen in response to new experiences.
St Jude shows how cancer cells survive using a cellular defence process
Research studies : 20 December, 2007
Researchers from St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered that immune system cells that engulf and destroy germs in the body enlist help for this activity from a common housekeeping mechanism that most cells use to keep their interiors healthy.
Hepatitis B Foundation reveals alternative to liver biopsy for monitoring liver disease
Research studies : 20 December, 2007
Researchers working at the Hepatitis B Foundation and the Drexel University College of Medicine believe they have discovered a reliable alternative to liver biopsy for the early detection of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.
Mayo Clinic leads research that aims to develop anti-cancer vaccine
Research studies : 19 December, 2007
Mayo Clinic has led an international research team which has designed a technique that uses the body's own cells and a virus to destroy cancer cells that spread from primary tumours to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system.
French researchers develop new way of observing DNA using AFM technology
Development services : 10 December, 2007
Two French research teams have successfully developed a new method for observing DNA using atomic force microscopy (AFM) under intracellular physico-chemical conditions.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital discovers mechanism for faulty protein disposal
Research studies : 07 December, 2007
Researchers from St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered how myeloma cells dispose of defective or excess proteins and could lead to new cancer treatments.
Cels announces first ever ′Business for Life’ award winners
Development services : 03 December, 2007
The winners of the first ever ′Business for Life’ awards, recognising the most revolutionary healthcare companies in North East England, have been announced at the awards ceremony created by the Healthcare Network and co-ordinated by Cels.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital identifies genetic trigger of AML
Research studies : 28 November, 2007
Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered that a gene called N-Myc leads a double life in certain white blood cells when it is overexpressed, helping to trigger acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) under some conditions while triggering apoptosis, or cell suicide, under other conditions.
Research teams from Ulster and India combine to develop robotic solutions for the disabled
Research studies : 26 November, 2007
Scientists from the University of Ulster and the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur are teaming up to investigate how to develop intelligent robotic devices to help people with severe disabilities achieve greater independence.
St Jude researchers discover signalling molecule that may pave the way for cancer vaccines
Research studies : 23 November, 2007
Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered a new signalling molecule that prevents immune responses from running amok and damaging the body.
Anglo-Irish researchers to develop new cements to heal spinal fractures
Research studies : 29 October, 2007
A new collaborative project between the University of Leeds and Queen's University Belfast will develop and test biological cements to repair 'burst fractures' of the spine.
New regeNer8 virtual centre aims to advance regenerative medicine in the North of England
Development services : 25 October, 2007
A virtual centre has been launched that aims to bring together the work of the North of England's top scientists to advance regenerative therapies.
Howard Florey Institute reveals childhood absence epilepsy (CAE) treatment path
Research institutes : 19 October, 2007
A research team from Melbourne’s Howard Florey Institute are a step closer to solving the causes of epileptic seizures with the help of a genetically modified epileptic mouse.
Structure of HSP90 protein is solved to point way for new drug targets
Research institutes : 19 October, 2007
The structure of the first mammalian GRP94 protein implicated in immune diseases such as sepsis, AIDS and certain cancers has been solved by research at the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute(HWI).
ICR becomes a licensed body of the Science Council
Research institutes : 15 October, 2007
The Science Council has accepted The Institute of Clinical Research (ICR) as a licensed body.
Antibody research points to new Multiple Sclerosis treatment options
Research studies : 10 October, 2007
Mayo Clinic researchers have found that a human antibody administered in a single low dose in laboratory mouse models can repair myelin, the insulating covering of nerves.
Australian researchers show how genetic mutation causes epilepsy in infants
Research institutes : 24 September, 2007
Researchers from the Howard Florey Institute in Melbourne, Australia, has discovered why mutation in a single gene can cause epilepsy in infants.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital investigates gene activation triggers
Research institutes : 25 June, 2007
A research team at St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered how a single molecular 'on switch' triggers gene activity that might cause effects ranging from learning and memory capabilities to glucose production in the liver
CELS launches new scheme to commercialise stem cell ideas
Development services : 14 June, 2007
CELS has launched a scheme to help the North East England 's stem cell scientists to develop their ideas into commercial realities.
Whooping cough alert study receives RCGP's research paper award
Research studies : 04 June, 2007
A study that urged GPs to be alert to the signs of whooping cough in school age children has received the 2006 Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)/Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Research Paper of the Year Award.
New easy to direct laser beam is ideal for soft tissue surgery
Research institutes : 04 June, 2007
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institutes for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen and for Applied Solid State Physics IAF in Freiburg have developed a diode laser of a suitable wavelength that allows surgeons to more easily direct the laser beam.
Fraunhofer Institute develops new smallest bone substitute
Research institutes : 04 June, 2007
Fraunhofer Institute researchers are now able to produce tiny implants from biocompatible materials such as titanium so that the stirrup, a small bone in the human ear, can be accurately replicated by means of injection moulding.
Mayo Clinic develops new non-invasive liver diagnosis tool
Research studies : 22 May, 2007
A new imaging technique has been invented at Mayo Clinic which is termed magnetic resonance elastography and provides an accurate tool for non-invasive diagnosis of liver diseases.
Mayo Clinic research team joins omega-3 fatty acids clinical trial
Research studies : 10 May, 2007
A Mayo Clinic research team led by neurologist David Knopman, MD, is to join a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of omega-3 fatty acids in slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
St Jude Children's Research Hospital study uses chemotherapy to predict hip joint decay
Research studies : 20 April, 2007
Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital have discovered a method of predicting when patients will need future surgery to repair hip joints that have deteriorated as the result of paediatric leukemia or lymphoma treatment.
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