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Assay equipment and chemicals
Non-invasive pre-natal test success
Assay equipment and chemicals : 07 April, 2015
Proof-of-principle testing of an NIPT assay from LifeCodexx for determining foetal aneuploities
US laboratory takes sequencing and microarray equipment
Assay equipment and chemicals : 27 January, 2014
Illumina will supply LabCorp with sequencing and microarray equipment for use in laboratory testing to support north American clinics
Reagent formulation for efficient DNA transfer
Assay equipment and chemicals : 16 January, 2014
The Promega ViaFect trasfection reagent enables researchers to develop assays in more cell lines
FDA Clearance for cystic fibrosis assays
Assay equipment and chemicals : 21 November, 2013
The MiSeqDx DNA sequencing analyzer from Illumina receives pre-market clearance from the US FDA
Testing systems for cystic fibrosis and other disorders
Assay equipment and chemicals : 17 October, 2013
Nucleic acid extraction kits available from DiaSorin for analysis and diagnosis of genetic disorders including cystic fibrosis
High throughput screening array format
Assay equipment and chemicals : 11 October, 2013
The Infinium HTS-24 arrays can be used to assist in creating understanding genetic predispositions to certain forms of cancer
Luminex receives FDA and European clearance for an updated version of genotyping assay
Assay equipment and chemicals : 16 July, 2013
Luminex receives US FDA and European clearance for a new version of xTAG CYP2D6 Kit and the company has also submitted xTAG 2C19 Kit to FDA for review to advance the company's pharmacogenetic initiative for improved patient care.
Illumina collaborates with Kindstar Global to implement Illumina technologies in Asia
Assay equipment and chemicals : 19 April, 2013
Illumina enters into a strategic collaboration with Kindstar Global which will see Kindstar validating and implementing molecular assays in the company's laboratories, applying Illumina's TruSight content sets, Infinium Dx CytoSNP-12 assay and NuPCR reagents.
Luminex receives US FDA clearance for MAGPIX instrument with xTAG gastrointestinal pathogen panel
Assay equipment and chemicals : 17 April, 2013
Luminex receives US FDA clearance of its MAGPIX instrument, with its xTAG Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (xTAG GPP).
Artel simplifies verification of low-volume DMSO dispenses
Assay equipment and chemicals : 14 January, 2013
Artel is launching the first in a new range of 100 percent DMSO-based Sample Solutions for use with the MVS Multichannel Verification System.
Promega launches novel ADCC reporter bioassay for biologic drugs
Assay equipment and chemicals : 12 October, 2012
Promega is introducing a novel bioluminescent assay for the quantification of Fc effector function of antibody-based molecules in the development and manufacture of biologic drugs.
New molecular assay detects CRE superbug
Assay equipment and chemicals : 02 October, 2012
BD Diagnostics is releasing for research use only (RUO) a molecular test designed to rapidly detect antibiotic resistance genes found in the superbug known as carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE).
Affymetrix collaborates with Leica Microsystems to automate ISH tissue assay
Assay equipment and chemicals : 04 June, 2012
Affymetrix is entering into a world-wide collaboration with Leica Microsystems that automates Affymetrix' QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay on the Leica BOND RX staining platform for research applications.
Ready-to-use urine chemistry control offers cost saving benefits
Assay equipment and chemicals : 24 May, 2012
The new Randox Acusera liquid urine control is designed to be both easy and convenient for laboratory staff to use and includes fully assayed target values for 18 commonly performed urine chemistry tests including Microalbumin and hCG enables consolidation and ultimately cost savings.
Cambio releases screening tools to accelerate drug discovery
Assay equipment and chemicals : 12 April, 2012
Transcreener HTS Assays and iuvo Microconduit array technology is now exclusively available in the UK from Cambio to meet a demand for high performance tools which will speed discovery of new therapies.
Ultra low QC helps improve accuracy of hsTnT assay
Assay equipment and chemicals : 12 October, 2011
Randox high sensitivity Troponin T control is formulated to ensure the accuracy and precision of hsTnT assays.
PGXL Labs partners AutoGenomics to develop new pharmacogenetics tests
Assay equipment and chemicals : 04 April, 2011
PGXL Labs is establishing a collaborative partnership with AutoGenomics which will utilise the automated INFINITI analyzer for several different personalized medicine applications.
Gas control module extends the experimental window of microplate investigations
Assay equipment and chemicals : 10 December, 2010
Tecan launches a Gas Control Module (GCM) for its Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate reader, to create one of the most comprehensive solutions on the market for cell-based assays.
New assay-ready, on-demand chemical supply service is launched
Assay equipment and chemicals : 11 November, 2010
Molplex is partnering Peakdale Molecular to launch a pioneering new assay-ready, on-demand chemical supply service.
Sword launches Raman detection system for ultrasensitive immunoassays
Assay equipment and chemicals : 18 January, 2010
Sword Diagnostics launches its proprietary Raman detection system for ultrasensitive immunoassays.
ISO certification for Claros Diagnostics
Assay equipment and chemicals : 12 October, 2009
Point-of-care analysis equipment supplier gains ISO 13485 certification for medical device design and manufacture
Immunofluorescence assay for pathology labs
Assay equipment and chemicals : 24 September, 2009
Wave Direct Immunifluorescence from Celerus Diagnostics provides the most diverse staining platform available for clinical and research pathology labs
Agilent Technologies unveils detection system for allergen-specific IgE
Assay equipment and chemicals : 23 July, 2009
Agilent Technologies introduces the HYCOR Ultra-Sensitive EIA System for allergen-specific IgE which is FDA-cleared for quantitative determination of specific IgE.
ForteBio launches two next-generation biotherapeutic instruments
Assay equipment and chemicals : 23 June, 2009
ForteBio, a leading supplier of label-free technology that accelerates the development of biotherapeutic and pharmaceutical products, launches two next-generation instruments: the Octet RED384 for protein, peptide, small molecule and fragment screening; and the Octet QK384 for protein and antibody assays.
Assay equipment and chemicals : 29 May, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – A collaborative development venture between Universal Sensors, Nottingham Trent University and Cambridge Design Partnership is aiming to help in the fight against C difficile and MRSA.
Illumina extends CSPro Program for Sequencing for collaborative partnerships
Assay equipment and chemicals : 09 January, 2009
Illumina has introduced the Illumina CSPro Program for Sequencing which is a new extension to the program that allows organizations with the Illumina Genome Analyzer to become certified in order to provide a range of sequencing-based genetic analysis services.
Illumina introduces new cytogenetic solution
Assay equipment and chemicals : 07 November, 2008
Illumina has unveiled the Infinium High-Density (HD) HumanCytoSNP-12 DNA Analysis BeadChip for molecular cytogeneticists, which contains nearly 300,000 genetic markers per sample that target all known cytogenetic abnormalities found in genes and disease pathways linked to mental retardation, autism, and other common chromosome anomalies.
IntelligentMDx collaborates with the BEST Center to verify molecular diagnostic assays
Assay equipment and chemicals : 29 October, 2008
IntelligentMDx ,a developer and manufacturer of proprietary nucleic acid assays, is working with the Battelle Eastern Science and Technology (BEST) Center to conduct assay performance verification studies of its nucleic acid-based diagnostic or 'smart' molecular diagnostic assays.
Caliper Life Sciences and DiscoveRx introduce new GPCR assay solutions
Assay equipment and chemicals : 08 October, 2008
Caliper Life Sciences and DiscoveRx have announced the commercial availability of PathHunter eXpress Beta-Arrestin kits for use with Caliper's LabChip 3000 and EZ Reader platforms to conduct cellular G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) assays.
Caliper Life Sciences offers access to 200 kinase assays
Assay equipment and chemicals : 03 September, 2008
Researchers using Caliper Life Sciences’ LabChip EZ Reader platform for screening and profiling kinase inhibitors are now able to access more than 200 kinase assays.
Olympus unveils precise PSA and fPSA assays
Assay equipment and chemicals : 19 August, 2008
Olympus has launched a sensitive and precise PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) and fPSA assays for the Olympus AU3000i immunoassay analyser.
New PCM assay enables oncologists to personalize 5-FU dosing
Assay equipment and chemicals : 24 June, 2008
A new blood test has been developed to make it easier for oncologists to accurately measure and personalise 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) dosing for patients undergoing continuous infusion chemotherapy treatment.
Ahram Biosystems develops palm-size portable thermocycler for PCR demands
Assay equipment and chemicals : 18 June, 2008
Ahram Biosystems has developed a Palm PCR, a palm-size portable thermocycler capable of delivering PCR amplified product in 15 minutes.
Siemens delivers 5000th Immulite 2000 Analyzer
Assay equipment and chemicals : 02 June, 2008
The five thousandth Immulite 2000 Analyzer sold by Siemens worldwide has been deployed by synlab Nuremberg which is Franconia's largest laboratory centre and serves about1,000 physicians and nine clinics in the German region.
Alternative dioxin test method is approved by EPA
Assay equipment and chemicals : 02 June, 2008
A rapid and inexpensive recombinant cell bioassay system for the detection and relative quantification of dioxin-like chemicals has been developed by Dr George C Clark of Xenobiotic Detection Systems (XDS) and Dr Michael Denison at the University of California Davis, with support from the Superfund Basic Research Program.
Chemistry analyser now offers fully automated HbA1c assay
Assay equipment and chemicals : 02 June, 2008
A fully automated HbA1c assay has now been introduced for the Olympus AU680 chemistry analyser that completely eliminates the inconvenience and risk associated with manual pre-treatment for this routinely used blood glucose monitoring test.
Olympus releases prolactin assay in the USA for AU3000i system
Assay equipment and chemicals : 27 May, 2008
Olympus has introduced a prolactin assay for sale in the USA and is designed for use with the fully automated Olympus AU3000i immunoassay system.
Pathway release second generation molecular HIV co-receptor tropism assay
Assay equipment and chemicals : 08 May, 2008
Pathway Diagnostics announces nationwide availability of its patented second generation molecular SensiTrop II assay, combining the sensitivity of molecular heteroduplex tracking assay (HTA) technology with the specificity of molecular sequencing for determining the co-receptor tropism status of HIV infected patients.
Caliper collaborates with DiscoveRx to develop solutions for cell-based GPCR profiling
Assay equipment and chemicals : 06 May, 2008
Caliper Life Sciences is collaborating with DiscoveRx to enable functional cell-based G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) assays from DiscoveRx to be performed on Caliper's LabChip platforms.
Olympus offers complete thyroid panel for immunoassay system
Assay equipment and chemicals : 15 April, 2008
Olympus has introduced a T-Uptake assay to now offer a complete thyroid panel for use with its AU3000i immunoassay system.
STarStation 3.0 software speeds assay results
Assay equipment and chemicals : 14 April, 2008
Applied Cytometry has introduced Version 3.0 of the company’s STarStation data analysis and control software for Luminex xMAP systems.
Qiagen opens new Service Solutions Centre in Singapore to support Asia-Pacific business growth
Assay equipment and chemicals : 22 February, 2008
Qiagen has opened a new Service Solutions Centre in Singapore in the Asia-Pacific region to further increase the company’s responsiveness to the information and service requirements of customers in research, applied testing, pharma and molecular diagnostics in the entire Asian-Pacific region including Australia.
bioMerieux and Shanghai Kehua Bio-engineering forges Chinese joint venture
Assay equipment and chemicals : 01 February, 2008
Shanghai Kehua Bio-engineering and bioMerieux have created a Shanghai-based joint venture that will see bioMerieux transfer microplate immunoassay manufacturing currently located at its Boxtel site in the Netherlands.
New warfarin assay from AutoGenomics receives FDA clearance
Assay equipment and chemicals : 25 January, 2008
AutoGenomics has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance for its Infiniti 2C9-VKORC1 Multiplex Assay for Warfarin.
BioMerieux transfers Dutch R&D and manufacturing activities to France
Assay equipment and chemicals : 08 January, 2008
bioMerieux is transferring the company’s R&D and certain manufacturing activities from its Boxtel site in the Netherlands to France.
Cavidi helps lower the cost of HIV monitoring
Assay equipment and chemicals : 30 November, 2007
Cavidi has reached an agreement with the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI) to make Cavidi's ExaVir Load assay immediately available to members of CHAI's Procurement Consortium at a discounted price.
Cavidi attracts fresh investment to offer HIV management benefits in the developing world
Assay equipment and chemicals : 16 November, 2007
Cavidi has signed an agreement with a consortium of American and Swedish investors and the consortium has provided over $1.0 million of operational funding.
Illumina launches a cost-effective MicroRNA assay for gene expression profiling
Assay equipment and chemicals : 22 October, 2007
Illumina has launched a MicroRNA Assay for Gene Expression profiling that allows rapid and reproducible miRNA expression profiling at a price less than half that of other commercially available methods.
Applied Biosystems and Olink Bioscience collaborate to develop PLA technology
Assay equipment and chemicals : 01 October, 2007
Applied Biosystems has signed an exclusive license and collaboration agreement with Olink Bioscience to commercialise Olink’s proximity ligation assay (PLA) technology.
Qiagen introduces novel assay for miRNA targets
Assay equipment and chemicals : 08 May, 2007
A pioneering technology that creates a new dimension of capabilities for assays targeting microRNAs (miRNAs) has been introduced by Qiagen.
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