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Assays and assay equipment
Molecular diagnostic system on show in Edinburgh
Assays and assay equipment : 03 September, 2015
Attendees of the ESCV meeting in Edinburgh are able to see the new DxN VERIS molecular diagnostics system from Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Non-invasive analysis for lung cancer mutations
Assays and assay equipment : 12 May, 2015
PointMan DNA enrichment technology in use for assessing mutation status for late stage lung cancer non-invasively
Immunoassay analyser recognised for NHS significance
Assays and assay equipment : 06 November, 2013
The AQT90 Flex immunoassay analyser from Radiometer recognized by iTAPP as being of significant value in the UK's National Health Service
Immunoassay system improves allergy testing
Assays and assay equipment : 10 October, 2013
Immunologists can test for a wider range of allergies with the introduction of 14 new allergens on the Immulite 2000 XPi immunoassay system
Genalyte launches biomarker panel to measure autoantigens associated with the development of Type 1 Diabetes
Assays and assay equipment : 16 August, 2013
Genalyte is launching the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) antigen panel that runs on the Maverick Detection System.
Enhanced imaging system improves efficiency in the drug discovery process
Assays and assay equipment : 25 July, 2013
PerkinElmer is enhancing Operetta High Content Imaging System, designed to improve the ability of scientists to perform live cell assays with higher throughput, to help foster a better understanding of normal and aberrant cellular behaviour.
Illumina applies CE Mark to cystic fibrosis system
Assays and assay equipment : 02 July, 2013
Illumina declares conformity with the requirements of the IVD Directive on June 26, 2013 and has applied the CE mark for the MiSeqDx Cystic Fibrosis System.
Automated Diagenode Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis assay is validated for use on the BD MAX system
Assays and assay equipment : 26 June, 2013
BD Diagnostics, a segment of global medical technology company BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), and Diagenode, an international biotech company based in Belgium, are launching in Europe the Diagenode Bordetella pertussis/parapertussis real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) kit for use on the BD MAX System.
Oncotest partners Debiopharm Group to identify biomarker candidates
Assays and assay equipment : 26 April, 2013
Oncotest and Debiopharm Group a Swiss-based global biopharmaceutical group, complete the first biomarker projects at Oncotest.
New molecular assay to detect Clostridium difficile infection receives FDA clearance
Assays and assay equipment : 11 April, 2013
BD Diagnostics receives FDA clearance to market the BD MAX Cdiff Assay in the USA.
Randox Toxicology launches three new assays for the detection of sedative drugs
Assays and assay equipment : 27 March, 2013
Randox Toxicology launches three new ELISA testing kits for the detection of sedative drugs Zopiclone, Zaleplon and Zolpidem.
Firefly BioWorks expands multiplexed microRNA assay solutions
Assays and assay equipment : 26 March, 2013
Firefly BioWorks is expanding the company's microRNA assay, FirePlex miRSelect, from a maximum of 23 multiplexed microRNAs to 68.
Alere reveals funding plans to develop affordable point-of-care nucleic acid test for TB
Assays and assay equipment : 05 March, 2013
Alere receives a grant of up to $21.6 million and debt financing of up to $20.6 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Endomagnetics appoints Sysmex Europe to become strategic distributor
Assays and assay equipment : 04 March, 2013
Endomagnetics signs a distribution agreement with Sysmex Europe, a subsidiary of global healthcare company Sysmex, which gives Sysmex the exclusive right to provide sales and support for Endomagnetics' SentiMag system across the EMEA region.
Critical Diagnostics completes financing to fund global expansion of cardiac biomarkers
Assays and assay equipment : 26 February, 2013
Critical Diagnostics, makers of the Presage ST2 Assay, completes a private placement for an undisclosed amount of capital to expand its commercialization efforts in the USA, Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.
LipoScience collaborates with Duke University to improve management of acute coronary syndrome
Assays and assay equipment : 14 January, 2013
LipoScience enters into a research agreement with Duke University School of Medicine which will support research aimed at identifying cardiovascular risk factors that can be used alone or in combination with other clinical measures to improve stratification and management of acute coronary syndrome.
Two reference labs sign up With Critical Diagnostics to offer Presage ST2 Assay for heart failure patients
Assays and assay equipment : 21 December, 2012
Critical Diagnostics, a US-based biomarker company focused on cardiovascular diseases and Quest Diagnostics and its subsidiary Berkeley HeartLab, announced today an agreement under which both Quest and Berkeley HeartLab will offer ST2 testing services based on Critical Diagnostics’ Presage ST2 Assay.
Critical Diagnostics signs up four new distributors in Asia
Assays and assay equipment : 05 December, 2012
Critical Diagnostics selects Integrated Sciences as the company's exclusive Presage ST2 distributor in Australia, United Laboratories in the Philippines and IDS Medical Systems/Malaysia in Malaysia and IDS Medical Systems/Singapore in Singapore.
New findings show ELISA diagnostics tests are capable of diagnosing Lassa Fever viruses
Assays and assay equipment : 19 November, 2012
Corgenix Medical and the Viral Hemorrhagic Fever Consortium (VHFC) releases new scientific data resulting from the consortium's ongoing studies at the Kenema Government Hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone.
PerkinElmer acquires Shanghai Haoyuan Biotech to complement screening capabilities
Assays and assay equipment : 15 November, 2012
PerkinElmer acquires Shanghai Haoyuan Biotech, a China-based infectious disease diagnostics company which will extend PerkinElmer's capabilities into nucleic acid blood screening and in the growing molecular clinical diagnostics market in China, further strengthening the company's position as a diagnostics leader in China as well as across the globe.
BD collaborates with Lab21 Collaborate to develop new oncology assays
Assays and assay equipment : 17 October, 2012
BD Diagnostics is to collaborate with Lab21 to develop oncology assays for the BD MAX fully automated, bench-top molecular system.
BioReliance launches innovative 3D skin assay
Assays and assay equipment : 07 September, 2012
Sigma-Aldrich's recent acquisition, BioReliance, the biopharma and early development services business under SAFC, is introducing a new assay to detect DNA damage from products with dermal routes of exposure.
Critical Diagnostics extends presence in Asia Pacific Region for cardiac biomarker
Assays and assay equipment : 22 August, 2012
Critical Diagnostics is continuing to expand the company's presence in the Asia Pacific region with the addition of two distribution partners.
Affymetrix expands QuantiGene ViewRNA license for in vitro diagnostics
Assays and assay equipment : 02 August, 2012
Affymetrix is expanding its license agreement with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics for the company's branched DNA (bDNA) technology whereby Affymetrix is the exclusive licensee for in situ products, including in vitro diagnostics.
Genisphere adapts dendrimer technology to lateral flow POC assays
Assays and assay equipment : 20 July, 2012
Genisphere is adapting the company's pioneering 3DNA Dendrimer Signal Amplification technology for Lateral Flow (LF) Point-of-Care (POC) assays, providing improved sensitivity and enabling a broad new array of POC tests.
Saladax Biomedical secures CE Mark for therapeutic dose management assay
Assays and assay equipment : 11 July, 2012
Saladax Biomedical achieves CE mark registration for the company's MyPaclitaxel and MyDocetaxel therapeutic dose management (TDM) MyCare assays, enabling commercialization in the European Union (EU).
New automated immunoassay allows laboratories to manage increased vitamin D workloads
Assays and assay equipment : 29 June, 2012
Laboratories in all parts of the UK are now using the new, fully automated Roche Elecsys Vitamin D Total assay to cope with their increasing vitamin D testing workloads reflecting the UK's Chief Medical Officers recent highlighting of the growing prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in the UK, and the need for dietary supplementation in certain at risk groups.
New assay determines homocysteine in human serum and plasma
Assays and assay equipment : 12 June, 2012
Randox's new liquid stable homocysteine kit provides a convenient and accurate method for the determination of homocysteine in human serum and plasma.
Affymetrix partners ScreenCell for circulating tumour cell technology
Assays and assay equipment : 21 May, 2012
Affymetrix and ScreenCell, a privately-held company, are signing a worldwide distribution agreement for ScreenCell's isolation devices and dilution buffers, designed for the collection of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) in peripheral blood.
New Hepatitis C assay speeds patient diagnosis
Assays and assay equipment : 04 April, 2012
Roche is extending its serology panel to include a new generation Elecsys anti-HCV II assay, which will optimise workflows, save costs and provide accurate, rapid results.
New mutation detection assays confirm more than 241 mutations
Assays and assay equipment : 04 April, 2012
Life Technologies is expanding the company's TaqMan Mutation Detection Assays which are sensitive and novel molecular analysis research tools designed to detect an additional 241 of the most common mutations in 21 cancer genes.
Pro-Lab Diagnostics launches cost-effective norovirus detection
Assays and assay equipment : 30 March, 2012
Pro-Lab Diagnostics is launching a rapid visual assay for the detection of norovirus in faecal samples.
IVD test improves prevention and control of GBS in newborns
Assays and assay equipment : 30 March, 2012
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clears the BD MAX Group B Streptococcus (GBS) Assay and Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) moderate complexity test categorization on the second-generation BD MAX System.
Fluidigm unveils a new custom assay design service
Assays and assay equipment : 15 February, 2012
Fluidigm unveils a new custom assay design service for high-sample throughput amplicon resequencing on Illumina platforms at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting.
New Lp(a) assay suits most chemistry analysers
Assays and assay equipment : 18 January, 2012
The Randox liquid ready to use Lipoprotein (a) assay provides a highly sensitive and specific method for the detection of Lp(a) in human serum and plasma.
Spanish hospital deploys Presage ST2 assay for heart failure care
Assays and assay equipment : 03 January, 2012
A major European medical centre, Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol in Barcelona Spain, is now using Critical Diagnostics' Presage ST2 Assay for routine care and management of their heart failure patients.
Cystatin C assay provides more sensitive marker of GFR
Assays and assay equipment : 22 December, 2011
Randox's liquid ready to use Cystatin C assay provides a good indicator of Glomerular Filtration Rate (GRF) and is a more sensitive marker of renal dysfunction compared with traditional creatinine assays.
FDA clears Presage ST2 assay for patients with heart failure
Assays and assay equipment : 19 December, 2011
The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared Critical Diagnostics' Presage ST2 Assay for use as an aid in assessing the prognosis of patients diagnosed with chronic heart failure
Fully automated assay rapidly identifies MRSA patients
Assays and assay equipment : 28 November, 2011
BD Diagnostics receives the CE Mark for the BD MAX MRSA Assay to rapidly and accurately identify methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in patients.
Randox expands range of immunoturbidimetric proteins
Assays and assay equipment : 25 November, 2011
Following the launch of the Haptoglobin and Ceruloplasmin assays Randox is now offering one of the largest ranges of immunoturbidimetric proteins on the market.
FDA approves HPV assay to detect cervical cancer virus
Assays and assay equipment : 02 November, 2011
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves Gen-Probe's APTIMA HPV assay, an amplified nucleic acid test that detects high-risk strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) that are associated with cervical cancer and precancerous lesions. The test has been approved to run on Gen-Probe's fully automated, high-throughput TIGRIS instrument system.
New genomic testing service improves use of targeted drugs
Assays and assay equipment : 18 October, 2011
A UK molecular diagnostics company, NewGene, develops new dedicated stratified medicine assay development and clinical testing services using special rapid technology gene sequencing and genotyping solutions.
Fluidigm appoints new distributor for Singapore and Thailand
Assays and assay equipment : 18 October, 2011
Fluidigm appoints Research Instruments/RI Technologies as the company's distributor in Singapore and Thailand.
KRAS assay for colorectal cancer drug receives SFDA approval
Assays and assay equipment : 17 October, 2011
China's State Food and Drug Administration approves China Medical Technologies' real-time PCR-based V-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (KRAS) assay (the PCR KRAS Assay) as a companion diagnostic test for the use of a targeted drug for the treatment of colorectal cancer patients.
Ready-to-use fructosamine reagent offers performance benefits
Assays and assay equipment : 27 September, 2011
Randox is introducing a new liquid ready-to-use fructosamine assay which is easier to use requiring no offline preparation; based on an enzymatic method it also offers superior performance in terms of specificity and reliability compared to traditional NBT based methods.
BD Diagnostics collaborates with Biodiversity to develop assays
Assays and assay equipment : 22 August, 2011
BD Diagnostics and Biodiversity, a private biotechnology company focusing on molecular diagnostics, agrees a regional collaboration to develop and commercialise a comprehensive molecular diagnostic menu for immunocompromised patients on the BD MAX System.
Astra Biotech releases new microarray-on-a-chip test for cystic fibrosis
Assays and assay equipment : 05 July, 2011
Astra Biotech is in the pre-launch phase of the company's newly developed test, based on microarray technology, for rapid simultaneous detection of 25 of the most common mutations causing cystic fibrosis in pan-European populations.
Aethlon validates assay to identify the presence of exosomes in HIV and TB
Assays and assay equipment : 14 April, 2011
Aethlon Medical's wholly owned subsidiary Exosome Sciences (ESI) validates the ability of its Enzyme Linked Lectin Specific Assay (ELLSA) to identify the presence of exosomes underlying the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), tuberculosis (TB), and various forms of cancer, including ovarian, melanoma, breast, lymphoma, and colorectal.
Clinical trials begin for point of care Influenza A/B detection assay
Assays and assay equipment : 13 April, 2011
Enigma Diagnostics is commencing clinical trials for its intended point of care Enigma ML Influenza A/B detection assay.
Invasive Aspergillosis test kit completes evaluation analysis
Assays and assay equipment : 08 April, 2011
An evaluation of the analytical and preliminary clinical performance of Myconostica’s MycAssay Aspergillus kit for the diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis (IA) using serum samples is now completed and the results published (White et al, J. Clin. Microbiol. 2011).
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