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Automation systems
Promega launches bench-top cGMP-compliant automated clinical sample concentrator
Automation systems : 01 July, 2013
Promega launches the Maxwell CSC instrument and integrated reagent kits for Blood DNA and DNA FFPE.
BioDot partners Applied Spectral Imaging to deliver automated genetic analysis solution
Automation systems : 05 June, 2013
Applied Spectral Imaging has entered into an agreement with BioDot in which both companies will engage in combined sales and marketing of an integration product that will directly link the GenASIs imaging and analysis instrument by ASI and the CellWriter automated dispensing system for FISH and Karyotyping by BioDot.
Hamilton Robotics partners Illumina to automate sample preparation for next-generation sequencing
Automation systems : 03 June, 2013
Hamilton Robotics, as part of the co-marketing partnership with Illumina, is developing automated solutions for NGS sample preparation that reduce hands-on time, minimise operational variability, and deliver consistent results.
Illumina forms partnerships to develop sample preparation kits
Automation systems : 17 May, 2013
Illumina is collaborating with leading providers of liquid handling robotic platforms to develop automation methods for its best-in-class TruSeq and Nextera Sample Preparation kits.
CML HealthCare to install North America's first fully automated BD Kiestra microbiology platform
Automation systems : 09 April, 2013
CML HealthCare, a leading community-based provider of laboratory and medical imaging services in Ontario and British Columbia, signs an agreement with BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) which will see CML install two BD Kiestra Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) systems.
Automated workstation improves protein therapeutics process development
Automation systems : 23 January, 2013
PerkinElmer is launching the JANUS BioTx Pro automated workstation for improved process development of protein therapeutics at the 12th Annual Protein Science Week (PepTalk), January 21–25 in Palm Springs, Florida, USA at booth 312.
Sage Science unveils new tools to deliver library prep workflow benefits
Automation systems : 15 January, 2013
Sage Science is launching the Pippin Link and Pippin Pulse, two new products designed to streamline library prep workflow and enhance the utility of the Pippin line of automated DNA size selection products.
Labcyte collaborates with FIMM to advance personalized medicine in cancer treatments
Automation systems : 08 January, 2013
Labcyte is collaborating with the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM) to further the development of personalized medicine in cancer treatment.
SQI Diagnostics launches new multiplexing system for clinical diagnostics
Automation systems : 16 October, 2012
SQI Diagnostics is launching the company's SQiDlite Multiplexing System at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition taking place in Chicago Illinois, USA, October 1 to 18, 2012.
Irvine Scientific receives 510k clearance for Multipurpose Handling Medium solution
Automation systems : 20 September, 2012
Irvine Scientific receives 510k clearance for the company's Multipurpose Handling Medium product (MHM) in the USA.
Health Robotics launches embedded RFIDsSupport for temperature and location tracking
Automation systems : 18 September, 2012
Health Robotics is introducing embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) for the company's world-leading sterile compounding automation solutions ivSTATION, ivSOFT, and ivSTATION ONCO.
Biotage develops fully automated microwave peptide synthesizer
Automation systems : 04 September, 2012
Biotage is introducing an innovative new synthesis platform for peptide researchers.
ICR selects the Labcyte Access laboratory workstation to support drug discovery programme
Automation systems : 02 August, 2012
The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) has implemented Labcyte's Access workstation to automate the production of low-volume, assay-ready microplates from high-throughput screening and fragment libraries for biochemical, cell-based, and biophysical screening.
NoemaLife partners Labotix to improve laboratory automation efficiency
Automation systems : 16 July, 2012
NoemaLife's FDA cleared HALIA middleware and the Labotix, Rapid Response Universal Specimen Handling (RRUSH) system is being used together to offer a turn key solution for seamless workflow management in clinical chemistry laboratories.
Life Technologies partners Boston Children's Hospital to optimise lab workflow
Automation systems : 22 June, 2012
Life Technologies and Boston Children's Hospital, home of the world's largest paediatric research enterprise, agrees a research and development collaboration to develop an end-to-end genetic sequencing lab workflow based on Life Technologies' Ion Proton Sequencer.
Qiagen partners Cardinal Health to offer molecular diagnostic solutions
Automation systems : 02 May, 2012
Qiagen is collaborating with Cardinal Health to extend the company's portfolio of laboratory offerings to select US hospitals to include Qiagen automated laboratory systems and test kits for molecular diagnostics.
IIT deploys flexible laboratory automation for genomic screening
Automation systems : 27 January, 2012
The Center for Genomic Science (CGS) of Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT@SEMM) based in Milan, Italy at the IFOM-IEO Campus has selected HighRes Biosolutions to supply a flexible NanoCell laboratory automation system. The NanoCell system will be installed in the Screening Unit of the Center and will be placed in a Biosafety Level 2+ (BSL2+) enclosure.
QIAGEN unveils sample preparation automation system
Automation systems : 10 January, 2012
QIAGEN launches the QIAensemble Decapper automation system which facilitates the handling of liquid-based cytology and various other types of liquid samples that are processed by clinical laboratories around the world.
Robot opens up new applications for modern circular dichroism
Automation systems : 16 September, 2011
Tecan's Cavro Omni Robot has been incorporated into Applied Photophysics' new protein discovery solution, the Chirascan-plus CD Spectrometer.
University of Michigan focuses on nanoparticle membrane disruption studies
Automation systems : 17 March, 2011
The University of Michigan Department of Chemistry has purchased the Fluxion Biosciences’ IonFlux 16 automated patch clamp instrument which will enable detailed studies of nanoparticle membrane disruption, a novel application for automated patch clamp instruments that are typically used for the characterization of ion channel modulators.
Corgenix tests feasibility of high-speed automated test format for AspirinWorks
Automation systems : 07 March, 2011
Corgenix Medical completes the feasibility stage for a new, high-speed automated test format for its AspirinWorks Test which has been developed in collaboration with Randox Laboratories.
Caliper collaborates with HIHG to automate exome sequencing protocols
Automation systems : 07 February, 2011
Caliper Life Sciences is collaborating with the John P. Hussman Institute for Human Genomics (HIHG) at the University of Miami to develop automated protocols for exome capture and library preparation workflows.
VMSI unveils remote service monitoring on BenchMark ULTRA automated stainer
Automation systems : 17 January, 2011
CareGiver remote instrument support is being expanded to include the Ventana BenchMark ULTRA automated stainer.
BioSystem Development signs collaboration deal with Agilent Technologies
Automation systems : 13 December, 2010
BioSystem Development and Agilent Technologies signs a collaborative agreement to implement BioSystem Development’s patented technology on the established Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling platform.
Qiagen and Abbott agree molecular tests for HIV, HCV and HPV
Automation systems : 14 October, 2010
Qiagen and Abbott are entering into an agreement that strengthens both companies' testing menus for automated in-vitro diagnostic applications in the United States and Canada.
Qiagen flexible automated solution sets new standards for molecular testing
Automation systems : 03 September, 2010
Qiagen is launching its flexible automated solution QIAsymphony RGQ which is a novel, integrated system that claims to set new standards for molecular testing and incorporates all workflow steps from sample to detection.
RMGS at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester automates DNA extraction process
Automation systems : 03 September, 2010
A Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation in combination with chemagen’s nucleic isolation technology to perform fully automated DNA extraction is now being used by the Regional Molecular Genetics Service (RMGS) at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester.
Tecan partnere Miltenyi Biotec to develop automated cell biology separators
Automation systems : 17 August, 2010
Tecan is partnering Miltenyi Biotec, a leading provider of cell biology solutions, to develop a range of automated solutions for cell biology, based on the powerful MACS Magnetic bead technology.
BioRobotics selects workflow solutions from Health Robotics
Automation systems : 16 August, 2010
BioRobotics selects Health Robotics' ivSTATION Robot and ivSOFT Workflow Engine to complete its objective to become the gold standard for IV Admixtures Automation in the Republic of Korea, building on top of its CytoCare exclusive agreement nine months ago.
Tecan collaborates with PhyNexus to automate protein purification
Automation systems : 29 July, 2010
Tecan is collaborating with PhyNexus to develop standard processes for automating protein purification using PhyTip columns integrated onto a Freedom EVO liquid handling platform.
Bionas launches new reader for impedance-based, cellular analysis
Automation systems : 20 July, 2010
Bionas is launching its new Bionas adcon reader for impedance-based, cellular analysis.
Leibniz-Institut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie selects Tecan to screen bioactives
Automation systems : 06 July, 2010
The Leibniz-Institut fur Molekulare Pharmakologie in Berlin, Germany, is using Tecan’s Freedom EVO workstations for systematic high throughput screening of bioactive small molecule libraries, looking for potential research tools and targets for drug development.
SIRS-Lab collaborates with Analytik Jena on sepsis diagnostics
Automation systems : 17 June, 2010
SIRS-Lab is to work together with Analytik Jena, to focus on the field of molecular sepsis diagnostics.
McKesson extends IV automation portfolio to cover sterile compounding products
Automation systems : 10 May, 2010
McKesson enters into an exclusive agreement with Health Robotics to distribute, service and support the ivSTATION Robot, which automates the compounding of non-hazardous IVs, and the ivSOFT Workflow Engine, which adds safety and an audit trail to manual compounding.
Automated solution improves pathology laboratory workflows
Automation systems : 19 April, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils a new automated solution that labels and tracks patient tissue samples on cassettes and slides as they progress through pathology laboratories.
Utah Department of Health participates in biopreparedness evaluation project
Automation systems : 19 April, 2010
Utah Department of Health (UDH) is one of five sites in the USA to participate in Abbott's new PLEX-ID Biopreparedness Evaluation Program (BPEP), which involves Abbott, the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and five state public health labs.
Bruker Daltonics forges alliance with Kiestra Lab Automation
Automation systems : 13 April, 2010
Bruker Daltonics and Kiestra Lab Automation is expanding the partnership that covers co-marketing and cross-selling of their respective technologies for microbiology routine laboratories, as well as a joint research and development program for interfacing their technologies.
Fluxion Biosciences launches fully automated ion channel screening platform
Automation systems : 29 January, 2010
Fluxion Biosciences has announced a product expansion for its IonFlux automated patch clamp system which includes full automation and walk-away capability.
QualiSystems releases new lab resource management solution
Automation systems : 18 January, 2010
QualiSystems releases its TestShell Resource Manager, an advanced application for lab resource reservation, scheduling and management.
Invetech delivers world's first production model 3D bio-printer
Automation systems : 03 December, 2009
Invetech delivers the world's first production model 3D bio-printer to Organovo, developers of the proprietary NovoGen bioprinting technology.
Health Robotics signs automation solution partnership deal with McKesson
Automation systems : 11 August, 2009
Health Robotics signs an exclusive five-year strategic partnership with McKesson for Health Robotics' CytoCare Robot which will enable McKesson to achieve its goal of safely, accurately and cost-effectively automating the preparation of Oncology IV admixtures.
Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin installs ivSTATION robot from Health Robotics
Automation systems : 22 July, 2009
Health Robotics signs a definitive agreement with Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin which will see Charite install an ivSTATION robot at its Centrum 14 during the second half of 2009.
Protein workstation removes bottlenecks in characterization of biological therapeutics
Automation systems : 30 June, 2009
Caliper Life Sciences launches the Staccato Protein Workstation to specifically address bottlenecks in the characterization of biological therapeutics and biogenerics.
Health-Robotics partners Grifols to supply pharmacy automation systems
Automation systems : 30 June, 2009
Health-Robotics signs an exclusive 5-year strategic partnership with Grifols, the leading Pharmacy Automation provider in Spain, Portugal, and South America.
RTS Life Science partners Hall Analytical Laboratories to offer inhaler testing services
Automation systems : 29 June, 2009
RTS Life Science is partnering with Hall Analytical Laboratories to provide analytical services and consultancy in the area of automation and inhaler testing.
Dolomite unveils glass microfluidic device for mixing two or three liquid reagent streams
Automation systems : 19 June, 2009
Dolomite has introduced the 1ml Microreactor Chip, which is a glass microfluidic device designed for the mixing and reacting of two or three liquid reagent streams.
Automated monitoring system is capable of CO2 concentrations in up to 16 incubators
Automation systems : 17 June, 2009
The CO2 concentration in incubators used in IVF and other cell biology laboratories must be accurately controlled if maximum cell viability is to be achieved.
Barcoding enhances sample tracking in automated and semi-automated PCR workflows
Automation systems : 12 June, 2009
Thermo Scientific ABgene Fast Block PCR Plate is now available with barcoding to enhance sample tracking in automated and semi-automated fast PCR workflows.
Agilent partners Los Alamos to develop new tool to characterise biological pathogens
Automation systems : 11 June, 2009
Agilent Technologies announces researchers are developing new tools for rapidly characterising biological pathogens that could give rise to potentially deadly pandemics such as Influenza A (H1N1).
Qiagen selects Plexus to develop automated screening system for HPV DNA samples
Automation systems : 01 June, 2009
Plexus is selected to develop Qiagen's next generation automated screening system for the pre-processing of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA samples.
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