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Tiny diamonds provide more accurate picture of living cells
Nanodiamonds : 26 October, 2014
Tiny diamonds are providing new possibilities for accurate measurements of processes inside living cells with potential to improve drug delivery and cancer therapeutics: researchers from Cardiff University have unveiled a new method for viewing nanodiamonds inside human living cells for purposes of biomedical research.
Graphene rubber bands stretch limitations of body motion sensors
Graphene : 16 August, 2014
Although body motion sensors already exist in different forms, they have not been widely used due to their complexity and cost of production. Now researchers from the University of Surrey and Trinity College Dublin have for the first time treated common elastic bands with graphene, to create a flexible sensor that is sensitive enough for medical use and can be made cheaply.
Graphene artificial retina - an interface to the optic nerve
Graphene : 11 August, 2014
Physicists at Technische Universität München (TUM) are using the special properties of graphene to produce key elements of an artificial retina. With their research program the researchers were admitted to the heavily funded "Graphene" Flagship Program of the EU.
3D printing process with smooth surfaces developed for lenses and glasses
Polymers and elastomers : 22 July, 2014
Making things with a three-dimensional (3D) printer is quickly becoming a commonplace activity. In part this is because of the expanding range of "printable’ materials, which now includes precious metals, biological tissue and even the ingredients for a pizza. But the machines are still not very good at producing smooth surfaces. This is because 3D printers deposit material layer by layer, which can leave ridges.
High-flow polysulfone coupling for healthcare industry
Polymers and elastomers : 22 July, 2014
LinkTech Couplings, a supplier of quick couplings and valves is to launch its 60PS series of high-flow couplings made of Udel polysulfone (PSU) resin from Solvay Specialty Polymers for healthcare and industrial applications.
Silver-copper colloidal coatings with slow-release germicide are anti-microbial
Coatings and finishes : 22 July, 2014
Researchers at the INM – Leibniz Institute for New Materials have now produced antimicrobial abrasion-resistant coatings with both silver and copper colloids with a long-term effect that kill germs reliably and at the same time prevent germs becoming established. The coatings are particularly suitable for the application on large and solid surfaces, on doorhandles and for textiles.
Wales materials facility established to support medical imaging
Ceramics : 27 January, 2014
A new facility for providing advanced materials to cope with high magnetic fields generated by medical imaging systems has been set up in Wales
PPD acquires Acurian to strengthen patient recruitment and retention services
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 28 August, 2013
Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD) acquires Acurian, a leading full-service provider of clinical trial patient enrollment and retention solutions for the life sciences industry.
Nordion reaches settlement with AECL to resolve isotope supply agreement
Medical isotopes : 21 August, 2013
Nordion has entered into a comprehensive settlement agreement with Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL) to resolve the outstanding claims between both parties related to the MAPLE facilities.
Sealantis receives CE Mark for vascular sealant
Adhesives : 02 August, 2013
Sealantis, a private start-up, which develops alga-mimetic tissue adhesives, receives the CE Mark for Seal-V, the company's vascular sealant.
Innovnano scales-up nanostructured powders production
Ceramics : 29 July, 2013
Innovnano invests in a hightech, brand new facility for production of its nanostructured powders, including 3 and 4 mol percent yttria stabilised zirconia (YSZ).
Wheelchair cushion range pioneers new foam technology
Polymers and elastomers : 19 July, 2013
Ottobock is launching two new ranges of cushions for use with wheelchairs.
Nordion divests Targeted Therapies business to BTG
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 16 July, 2013
Nordion, a provider of products and services to the global health science market, completes the divestiture of the company's Targeted Therapies business to BTG for a cash purchase price of $200 million.
PETNET Solutions signs EU manufacturing agreement with Lilly for Amyvid radiopharmaceutical
Medical isotopes : 04 June, 2013
PETNET Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, is to begin manufacturing Eli Lilly's Amyvid(Florbetapir (18F)) radiopharmaceutical in the United Kingdom, as well as in Spain and France, after signing a manufacturing services agreement with Eli Lilly.
Orthobiologic polymer resists biofilm formation
Polymers and elastomers : 31 May, 2013
DiFusion completes a series of in vitro tests and an in vivo study, carried out in part at Clemson University, to validate the efficacy of the company's new orthobiologic polymer - CleanFuze.
ThromboGenics partners Alcon to launch ophthalmic medicines in Denmark and Sweden
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 29 May, 2013
ThromboGenics, an integrated biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic medicines, is partnering Alcon to launch JETREA in Denmark and Sweden, the third and fourth European markets where the product is now available.
High performance ceramic delivers increased life-span of orthopaedic implants
Ceramics : 23 May, 2013
Innovnano, a manufacturer of high performance ceramic powder, develops 3 mol percent yttria stabilised zirconia powder (3YSZ) - an advanced technical ceramic with medical device applications.
Nordion signs contract manufacturing deal with Navidea Biopharmaceuticals for diagnostic imaging agent
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 17 May, 2013
Nordion signs a contract manufacturing agreement with Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, a biopharmaceutical company focused on precision diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals.
PEEK-based spinal implant receives FDA 510(k) approval
Polymers and elastomers : 16 May, 2013
Xiphos ALIF, a VESTAKEEP PEEK-based (polyetheretherketone) spinal implant developed by DiFusion Technologies, receives the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) 510(k) approval for use in Interbody Fusion Devices (IBF) devices.
ETEX extends supply agreement with Knee Creations
Bone substitute materials : 03 May, 2013
ETEX is renewing and extending long term the company's supply agreement with Knee Creations.
K2M boosts biologics offering by expanding osteobiologic product family
Bone substitute materials : 25 April, 2013
K2M is revealing another expansion of the company's US biologics offering with the addition of a new product line to the VESUVIUS Osteobiologic Systems.
OncoSec collaborates with Smart Patients to create online community for patients
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 22 April, 2013
OncoSec Medical is one of the first to partner with Smart Patients: a new online community where patients with life-threatening conditions who are looking for or participating in clinical trials can share their feedback and experiences.
Bone Therapeutics partners Erasme University Hospital to start Phase IIa trial in osteoporosis with bone cell therapy
Bone substitute materials : 17 April, 2013
Bone Therapeutics' partner, the Rheumatology Department of Erasme University Hospital (Brussels, Belgium), initiates a Phase IIa trial with its lead bone cell therapy product PREOB for the treatment of severe osteoporosis patients who do not respond to pharmacological treatment.
InVivo Therapeutics receives FDA approval for first human trial using biomaterials for traumatic spinal cord injury
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 08 April, 2013
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved InVivo Therapeutics' Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) to begin human studies to test its biopolymer scaffold product, a technology developed to treat patients with acute, traumatic SCI.
Bone Therapeutics receives manufacturing authorisation to produce allogeneic bone cell therapy products
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 26 March, 2013
Bone Therapeutics receives both 'Tissue Establishment' and 'GMP' Accreditation for the manufacturing of the company's ALLOB allogeneic bone cell therapy product, being initially developed for the treatment of impaired fractures.
Lantheus Medical Imaging signs Mo-99 supply contract deal with Institute for Radioelements
Medical isotopes : 21 March, 2013
Lantheus Medical Imaging agrees a new supply contract with the Institute for Radioelements (IRE) to receive a supply of molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), the parent isotope of technetium-99m (Tc-99m), for use in its TechneLite (Technetium Tc 99m Generator) generators.
Berry Plastics introduces new woven tape for pulse oximeter and medical device manufacturing
Adhesives : 13 February, 2013
Berry Plastics Group is introducing the company's 3546A single-coated woven tape which joins Berry's range of woven, flexible film, and transfer adhesives used in the manufacture of pulse oximeters and other medical devices.
Medical device featuring Evonik's VESTAKEEP PEEK receives first FDA spinal 510(K) approval
Bone substitute materials : 06 February, 2013
K7's K7C Cervical Spacer, a spinal implant device using Evonik's VESTAKEEP PEEK (polyetheretherketone), receives the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) 510(k) approval for use as an Intervertebral Body Fusion (IBF) device.
Medisse raises more funding for adhesion barrier solution
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 30 January, 2013
Medisse closes a Series B equity financing round of 2.6 milion euros for the clinical trial of the company's lead product FlexiSurge Adhesion Barrier.
Endomagnetics is pinpointed as a future star business
Medical isotopes : 19 November, 2012
The Real Business Future 50 project selects Endomagnetics, the company developing a portfolio of products to improve the standard of breast cancer management, as one of the UK's most exciting, high-potential new businesses.
Lantheus Medical Imaging extends Mo-99 contract with NTP Radioisotopes
Medical isotopes : 01 November, 2012
Lantheus Medical Imaging agrees to work with two world leaders in producing medical isotopes to help ensure supplies of potentially life-saving nuclear medicine using molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) sourced from Low Enriched Uranium (LEU).
Intertronics releases new medical device adhesive guides
Adhesives : 29 October, 2012
The specialist adhesives team at Intertronics is offering a wide portfolio of products specifically designed for medical device assembly with two specific applications focusing on needle bonding and catheter assembly now being addressed in new selector guides from sales partner DYMAX.
DiFusion partners Evonik to develop medical polymer that resists infection
Polymers and elastomers : 25 October, 2012
DiFusion Technologies is working together with Germany-based specialty chemicals company Evonik Degussa to develop a PEEK based product called CleanFUZE, a new medical polymer that prevents infection and promotes bone and tissue integration.
Nordion extends Mo-99 supply deal with Lantheus Medical Imaging through 2015
Medical isotopes : 23 October, 2012
Nordion is extending the company's contract with its primary Medical Isotopes customer, Lantheus Medical Imaging (LMI) for the supply of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99).
Dyax agrees Kadmon strategic licensing agreement for DX-2400
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 21 September, 2012
Dyax is entering into a strategic licensing agreement with Kadmon which will see Kadmon being granted an exclusive worldwide license for the development and commercialization of the fully human monoclonal antibody DX-2400, a potent and selective antibody inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase 14 (MMP-14).
SafeStitch Medical agrees with Herniamesh to distribute mesh
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 01 August, 2012
SafeStitch Medical is entering in a distribution agreement with Herniamesh, an Italian mesh manufacturer operating in the biomedical market, to distribute mesh used for inguinal and ventral hernia repair in the USA.
Prosonix partners Imperial College London to develop engineered combination respiratory medicines
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 06 July, 2012
Prosonix (Oxford, UK) signs a Collaborative Research Agreement with Imperial College London to accelerate the development of engineered Multi-component Particles (MCPs) as respiratory medicines.
Cardinal Health unveils new nuclear medicine technology enhancements
Medical isotopes : 11 June, 2012
Cardinal Health is introducing new technology enhancements that make it possible for hospital nuclear medicine departments and imaging centres to seamlessly improve data integration and the overall efficiency of their operations.
Innovative device prevents stone migration in urologic procedures
Polymers and elastomers : 04 April, 2012
Boston Scientific is launching the company's BackStop Gel, a new technology designed to prevent stone migration during procedures used to break up and retrieve urinary stones.
Nordion signs six-year Cobalt-60 supply deal With Synergy Health
Medical isotopes : 23 January, 2012
Nordion signs a six-year contract to supply cobalt-60 to Synergy Health, a leading international contract sterilization service company headquartered in the United Kingdom.
First human implants of Biotectix's BT DOT coated electrodes
Polymers and elastomers : 20 January, 2012
Biotectix, an Allied Minds subsidiary, completes the first-in-human (FIH) use of an electrostimulation device incorporating its BT DOT conductive polymer coating technology.
Olympus unveils dissolvable post sinus surgery products
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 09 January, 2012
Olympus is adding a broad line of advanced, dissolvable sinus spacing and haemostat products to the company's extensive ENT product portfolio.
Cardium agrees deal for commercialization of Excellagen in South Korea
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 09 January, 2012
Cardium Therapeutics is entering into the company's first international agreement for the commercialization of Excellagen in the South Korean market.
Bluestar Silicones unveils innovative silicone foams
Polymers and elastomers : 22 November, 2011
Bluestar Silicones is launching a new technology, SILBIONE RT Foams, which are liquid materials enabling the production of silicones foams, with low density (from 0.18 to 0.25) and open cells.
Quintiles acquires VCG and Associates plus VCG Bio
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 21 October, 2011
Quintiles completes the acquisition of VCG and Associates and VCG BIO, based in Holliston, Massachusetts, and Cave Creek, Arizona, respectively.
MD Anderson Cancer Center orders Cesium-131 for cancer study
Medical isotopes : 11 October, 2011
MD Anderson Cancer Center initiates orders of Cesium-131 brachytherapy (internal radiation therapy) seeds from IsoRay as it continues the centre's clinical research study investigating brachytherapy's ability to help control intermediate risk prostate cancer.
Bio-compatible 3D printing material provides medical solutions
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 23 September, 2011
Objet launches a new bio-compatible 3D printing material (MED610) that combines bio-compatibility with high dimensional stability and clear transparency making it useful for PMMA simulation and a wide range of medical and dental applications - particularly the production of highly accurate, customised surgical guides.
Indicator autoclave bags eliminate need for autoclave tape
Waste recycling and environmental management : 21 September, 2011
Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces the Thermo Scientific Sterilin Indicator Autoclave Bags for disposal of biohazardous waste.
CamStent raises seed funding to develop antimicrobial coating
Coatings and finishes : 09 September, 2011
Results from a study demonstrates that CamStent's first product from its surface coating platform exerts strong antimicrobial effects against the organisms primarily responsible for hospital-acquired urinary-tract infections.
Irvine Scientific begins industrial cell culture media shipments in Japan
Biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals : 25 August, 2011
Irvine Scientific, a member of JX Holdings group, begins shipping the first products manufactured to customers from its Industrial Cell Culture media production facility in Tokyo, Japan.
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