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Study commences on chronic disease caused by trauma
Research studies : 21 January, 2016
The detection and diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy associated with sports and military injuries is the subject of a new clinical study by Aethlon Medical
Research work points at effectiveness of graft properties
Research institutes : 16 October, 2015
The University of Eastern Finland has concluded studies into graft properties in knee ligament surgery
Study shows genetic link to susceptibility to smoking
Research institutes : 29 September, 2015
The chances of becoming a smoker and suffering from smoking related ill health could be down to genetic differences, say researchers
Study shows pregnancy no reason to eat for two
Research institutes : 10 August, 2015
Studies at the Clinical Sciences Centre in London have shown intestinal adaptation to hormones which means pregnancy doesn't result in increased appetite
Eating eggs reduces risk of type 2 diabetes
Research institutes : 07 April, 2015
Research published by the University of Eastern Finland indicates a link between reduced type 2 diabetes and the consumption of eggs
Study shows health benefits of taking regular saunas
Research institutes : 02 March, 2015
Research from Finnish University establishes a link between the frequency of taking a sauna and a reduced likelihood of sudden cardiac death
Pre-exposure preventive measures linked to reduced HIV infection
Research institutes : 02 March, 2015
The Medical Research Council reveals the effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis in protecting against HIV infection
Extracting bioactive compounds from marine microalgae
Research studies : 29 December, 2014
Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms that produce high value compounds considered essential for human health, including polyunsatured fatty acids (eg omega-3s like EPA and DHA), various pigments (chlorophyll and carotenoids), and vitamins. Although fish have traditionally been our principal dietary source of EPA and DHA, declining marine fish stocks, the unpleasant odour of fish oil, and other disadvantages, have prompted a search for alternative sources of these nutrients.
Top 30 pharma companies spent $112 billion on research and development in 2013, says report
Research studies : 29 December, 2014
The world’s leading 30 pharmaceutical companies spent a combined $112 billion on research and development (R&D) in 2013, an increase of $723 million over the previous year, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.
UK Government support for research into disease focuses on imaging techniques
Research studies : 26 October, 2014
The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has announced that a partnership led by the Medical Research Council (MRC) will invest over £230 million in a range of revolutionary technologies aimed at identifying the causes of diseases such as cancer and dementia, and dramatically speeding up diagnosis and treatment. The state-of-the-art technologies will be used to find out how differences in the cellular and molecular make-up of people affect how they respond to diseases and to treatment.
New methods enhance the quality of myocardial perfusion imaging
Research studies : 21 September, 2014
In a recent PhD study completed at the University of Eastern Finland, Tuija Kangasmaa, Lic. Phil, has invented a method which makes it possible to reduce the imaging time by up to 50%, making the scan session easier for the patient. Furthermore, the study also created two additional methods which correct errors resulting from patient movement during the scan. The methods were validated and they have already been taken into use in hospitals all over the world.
Research: human sweat can reduce bacteria defences in hospitals and schools
Research studies : 22 July, 2014
Sweaty hands can reduce the effectiveness of bacteria-fighting brass objects in hospitals and schools after just an hour of coming into contact with them, according to scientists at the University of Leicester; sweat can cause corrosion of protective qualities of door knobs and taps within an hour of contact.
Additional funding secured for breast cancer treatment programme
Research studies : 01 April, 2014
The Second engineered T Cell therapy programme for use in fighting breast cancer has been awarded over 2 million pounds in funding
Funding received for T Cell therapy programme
Research studies : 25 March, 2014
Over two million pounds in funding will help to advance breast cancer cell recognition through second engineered T Cell therapy
Researchers make inroads in early cancer detection
Research studies : 21 March, 2014
Aethlon Medical expands brain research discoveries to include isolation of glioblastoma biomarker and therapeutic target
Reduced work absences with targeted back pain treatment
Research institutes : 18 March, 2014
Study shows that targeted treatment of back pain results in a halving of the incidences of work absences by patients
Researchers pioneer prevention of neonatal disability in twins
Research studies : 12 March, 2014
The University of Birmingham has undertaken successful research in reducing disabilities in neonatal twins due to twin-twin transfusion syndrome
Clinical research company to attend virology event
Research studies : 10 March, 2014
Retroscreen virology is attending a respiratory viral infection symposium taking place this month in South Korea
Health benefits of London cycling scheme
Research institutes : 19 February, 2014
A BMJ study has shown that the health benefits of using London's public cycle hire scheme outweigh pollution and injury risks
Discussion to be held on safeguarding children at risk
Research institutes : 14 January, 2014
Accident and Emergency records will be the focus of a discussion being held at the Anglia Ruskin University on protecting children at risk
Virology researchers to attend BioLeaders Forum
Research studies : 14 January, 2014
Research company Retroscreen Virology is taking part in a forum for experts to share their knowledge on vaccines and immunotherapy in Washington
Late stage melanoma treatment presentation at healthcare conference
Research studies : 14 January, 2014
Immunocore will be present at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference to discuss the treatment of late stage melanoma
Market of kidney and urinary devices examined
Research studies : 13 January, 2014
Report from Research and Markets examines the industry potential for nephrology and urology devices to 2018
Immunotherapy research partnership agreement
Research studies : 09 January, 2014
Immunocore and MedImmune have reached an agreement to collaborate on the research of immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer
Technical insights into organ regeneration and tissue engineering
Research studies : 08 January, 2014
Report provides insight into the current state of tissue engineering and organ regeneration in biomedical engineering
Fruit fly research redefines the rules of attraction
Research institutes : 20 December, 2013
Medical Research Council studies examine the biological switch controlling pheromone responses in the brains of fruit flies
Study examines effect of loud music on hearing loss
Research institutes : 19 December, 2013
The Medical Research Council is kicking off a large study into the correlation between listening to loud music and hearing loss in the UK
Encouraging T Cell targeting antigen trial results
Research studies : 11 December, 2013
Interim results have been presented from engineered T cell trials which target cancer testis antigens in multiple myeloma
Early stage drug development company acquisition
Development services : 11 December, 2013
Bridgepoint Development Capital is to acquire Quotient Clinical to increase market penetration for its early stage drug development work
Nanofibres help in targeting fungal infections
Research studies : 10 December, 2013
New material breakthrough involving biocompatible nanofibres provides hope in the relief of fungal infections
New Chairman appointed at T cell therapy company
Research studies : 02 December, 2013
T cell receptor engineering technology company appoints new Chairman to the Board of Directors
MRC funded study into early anti-retroviral treatment for children in Africa
Research institutes : 04 November, 2013
Children affected by HIV in Africal could increase survival chances with earlier anti-retroviral treatment according to a new study
Researchers investigate perceptual awareness during anaesthesia
Research institutes : 24 October, 2013
The Medical Research Council is funding studies into levels of consciousness during different doses of anaesthesia to pinpoint accurate levels required for vulnerable patients
Brain injury effects on pituitary hormone
Research studies : 26 September, 2013
Researchers have been examining the effects of traumatic brain injuries caused by explosions on the pituitary hormones of soldiers
Nanoparticles deliver vaccines directly to mucosal surfaces
Research studies : 26 September, 2013
MIT research develops nanoparticle that stays on lung surface long enough to generate strong immune response to prevent infections
Microfluidic platform sheds light on cancer metastasis
Research institutes : 24 September, 2013
Scientists at an American university have created a microfluidic device to help understand the distribution of tumour cells through the bloodstream
Healthcare staffing models examined in research
Research studies : 12 September, 2013
First stage in research published on healthcare staffing models in cooperation with the North West Workforce Modernisation Hub
Regenerative medicine therapy investments in the UK
Research institutes : 10 September, 2013
The UK's Medical Research Council provides details of investments being made into supporting the development of regenerative medicine therapies in the country
St Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists identify ALS disease mechanism
: 30 August, 2013
Researchers at St Jude Children's Research Hospital and the University of Colorado, Boulder report that mutations in a gene that causes amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neurodegenerative disorders tie in to the toxic buildup of certain proteins and related molecules in cells, including neurons.
MIT researchers work out why gold nanoparticles can penetrate cell walls
Research studies : 23 August, 2013
Cells are good at protecting their precious contents - and as a result, it's difficult to penetrate their membrane walls to deliver drugs, nutrients or biosensors without damaging or destroying the cell.
Prototype device detects early-stage malarial infection
Research institutes : 16 August, 2013
Researchers at MIT find a way to detect early-stage malarial infection of blood cells by measuring changes in the infected cells' electrical properties.
Ariosa Diagnostics, CHU de Quebec and Genome Canada launch study of non-invasive prenatal testing in Canada
Research studies : 14 August, 2013
A team of researchers led by CHU de Quebec and Universite Laval, has received CAN$10.5 million from Genome Canada, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Genome Quebec and other partners to conduct a large-scale comparative effectiveness study on non-invasive prenatal screening techniques.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Nuevolution to collaborate with Duke University
Development services : 13 August, 2013
Nuevolution enters into a scientific collaboration with Duke University, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, for the investigation of the biological mechanism of action of a specified GPCR drug target.
Mechanism offers fresh approach for harnessing the immune system to fight cancer
Research studies : 05 August, 2013
St Jude Children's Research Hospital scientists discover a way to target the immune system to shrink or eliminate tumours in mice without causing autoimmune problems.
Mayo Clinic and Banner Health receive grant to identify early Parkinson's patients
Research institutes : 22 July, 2013
Researchers from Mayo Clinic Arizona and Banner Sun Health Research Institute are working together on a diagnostic test to identify early Parkinson's disease in patients thanks to a $152,486 grant from The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.
New Innovation and Knowledge Centre aims to drive UK's Synthetic Biology progress
Research institutes : 11 July, 2013
A new £10 million Innovation and Knowledge Centre (IKC) aims to boost the UK's ability to translate the emerging field of synthetic biology into application and provide a bridge between academia and industry.
Blaze Bioscience collaborates with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to support of optides discovery
Development services : 05 July, 2013
Blaze Bioscience, a privately held biotechnology company developing Tumor Paint technology, is collaborating with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, one of the USA's top cancer research and prevention centres and pioneer of bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, to support the Hutchinson Center's Optides Discovery Program and advance drug candidates identified using the platform.
Researchers connect allergic and autoimmune diseases to find target for cancer therapy
Research institutes : 05 June, 2013
A group of scientists from the US National Institutes of Health and Sidra Medical and Research Center discover that a gene called Bach2 may play a central role in the development of a range of allergic and autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, asthma, Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and type-1 diabetes.
Trifecta of Indiana life science businesses, academia and government launch bioscience research centre
Research institutes : 31 May, 2013
Cook Medical is one of several Indiana life science companies, three research universities and the state government helping launch an industry-led biosciences research centre in Indiana, USA.
EPSRC invests into research projects set to make phones, probes and sensors transform healthcare
Development services : 09 May, 2013
A £32 million investment from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is going to establish three new Healthcare Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations (IRCs) which will fund several innovative projects including: smart-phone test and tracking systems for infectious diseases; fibre optic probes that can monitor people's condition in intensive care; and in-home sensors that can relay patient information to doctors immediately.
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