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Microscopy equipment
Micro indentation technique of bone testing
Microscopy equipment : 21 January, 2016
Olympus is enabling the testing of the mechanical properties of bone material for healthcare purposes using micro-indentation
Compact, small-scale incubator microscope examines cells in time lapse
Microscopy equipment : 31 May, 2014
Biologists and doctors rely heavily on incubators and microscopes. Now the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT has come up with a novel device that combines the functions of both these tools in a compact and extremely small-scale system. It is ideally suited for time-lapse examination over a number of weeks and for automatic observation of cell cultures. The incubator microscope is no bigger than a soda can and costs 30 times less than buying an incubator and a microscope separately.
Life Technologies offers automated cell imaging accessible to all labs
Microscopy equipment : 16 July, 2013
Life Technologies is launching EVOS FL Auto Imaging System with an on-stage incubator designed to enable time-lapse, high-resolution live cell imaging in a fully automated system that is priced to make high-resolution, fluorescence microscopy simple and accessible for any lab.
ALK automated gene scanner for lung cancer therapy receives FDA clearance
Microscopy equipment : 15 February, 2013
Applied Spectral Imaging's GenASIs Scan and Analysis automated microscopy platform receives FDA clearance as an aid in ALK gene analysis for lung cancer therapy selection.
Bruker releases benchtop 3D optical microscope system
Microscopy equipment : 17 October, 2012
Bruker is launching the ContourGT-I 3D Optical Microscope to enhance R and D productivity and maximise manufacturing throughput for industrial applications.
New 3D HD video system advances surgical visualization performance
Microscopy equipment : 15 October, 2012
TRENION 3D HD, a flexible and modular extension to the OPMI Pentero and OPMI PENTERO 900 surgical microscopes of Carl Zeiss, allows for high-definition, three-dimensional co-observation inside and outside the operating room.
Next generation of inverted microscope systems offers intuitive ease-of-use
Microscopy equipment : 24 September, 2012
Olympus is releasing the innovative new IX3 series of inverted research microscope systems for effortless, intuitive live cell imaging and clinical analysis.
Horiba publishes slide digitalisation validation data for traceability
Microscopy equipment : 24 April, 2012
Horiba Medical publishes online a scientific validation study (Ref 1) of the compnay's new HemaCAM computer-assisted microscopy module for fully automated analysis of blood smears.
Carl Zeiss surgical microscope clinches red dot Award
Microscopy equipment : 17 April, 2012
Carl Zeiss Meditec's OPMI PENTERO 900 surgical microscope wins the red dot award: product design 2012 in the Life Science and Medicine category.
Nikon unveils new confocal microscope for live cell imaging
Microscopy equipment : 08 March, 2012
Nikon Instruments is introducing the C2 plus, an enhanced version of its C2 Confocal Laser Point Scanning Microscope for entry and mid-level confocal imaging.
VTT combines mobile phone technology with microscopy
Microscopy equipment : 16 February, 2012
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland develops an optical accessory that turns an ordinary camera phone into a high-resolution microscope.
New high definition colour camera head offer high speed benefits
Microscopy equipment : 06 February, 2012
Carltex focuses on microscope LCD digital tablet/cameras
Microscopy equipment : 27 January, 2012
Carltex has introduced a new line of microscope LCD digital tablet/cameras which are ideal for any microscope that is used in education, industry, medical and R&D applications.
Leica Microsystems acquires Labindia Instruments
Microscopy equipment : 16 November, 2011
Leica Microsystems acquires the microscopy and histopathology business of Labindia Instruments, a leading solutions and service provider in India.
Modular upright microscopes focus on medical research benefits
Microscopy equipment : 15 November, 2011
Nikon's new Eclipse Ni seriesis is advancing the perfromance of upright biological microscopes by using core technology from Nikon's Eclipse Ti inverted research microscope, the Eclipse Ni series offers multi-mode system expandability to meet the imaging needs of bioscience and medical research on one platform.
Horiba unveils computer-assisted microscopy unit at IBMS Congress 2011
Microscopy equipment : 08 September, 2011
Horiba Medical-UK is launching the company's newest product HemaCAM, the latest innovation in computer-assisted microscopy, at IBMS Congress 2011, 26-28 September, stand F4.
Nikon launches eco-friendly clinical microscope series
Microscopy equipment : 07 September, 2011
The new range of Nikon upright clinical microscopes is evolving to meet the demand for ergonomic, eco-friendly and easy-to-use imaging systems.
Five megapixel colour digital camera offers smooth live imaging benefits
Microscopy equipment : 12 August, 2011
Olympus releases a five megapixel colour digital camera optimised for viewing, documentation, reporting and analysis using your microscope.
China Medical Technologies plans collaboration with Leica Microsystems
Microscopy equipment : 08 August, 2011
China Medical Technologies and Leica Biosystems, a division of Leica Microsystems, a world leader in microscopes and scientific instruments, are entering a sales, research and development collaboration agreement to co-develop and market automated FISH kits to be used on the Leica BOND system.
Nikon offers new streamlined multiphoton confocal imaging system
Microscopy equipment : 04 May, 2011
Nikon is introducing a streamlined version of its innovative A1R MP multiphoton confocal imaging system.
Nikon Instruments Europe enters partnership deal with EMBL
Microscopy equipment : 28 April, 2011
Nikon Instruments Europe signs a three-year corporate partnership agreement with the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) which is one of the world's top research institutions dedicated to research in the molecular life sciences.
Nikon unveils next generation Confocal Laser Point Scanning Microscope
Microscopy equipment : 01 February, 2011
Nikon Instruments is launching the next generation Confocal Laser Point Scanning Microscope for entry and mid-level confocal imaging.
PerkinElmer releases cellular imaging software for microscopy labs
Microscopy equipment : 22 November, 2010
PerkinElmer is releasing a new cellular imaging software solution, the Columbus Scope platform, which is designed specifically for microscopy labs.
LED fibre optic illuminator module simplifies integration for medical OEMs
Microscopy equipment : 19 November, 2010
PerkinElmer is unveiling the company’s new LED Fibre Optic Illuminator Module, which is designed for ease of integration by medical OEMs in endoscopy, surgical microscopy and headlamp applications.
CRi unveils new multispectral imaging technology solution
Microscopy equipment : 11 November, 2010
Cambridge Research and Instrumentation (CRi), is adding to the company’s Nuance multispectral imaging product family for multicolour tissue and cell-based imaging.
Two new Olympus motorized microscopes focus on clinical research benefits
Microscopy equipment : 03 November, 2010
Olympus introduces two new microscopes to the company’s leading BX3 series: the BX53 Motorized Advanced Research Microscope and BX43 Motorized Clinical and Research Microscope.
Meiji Techno unveils a new range of microscopes and accessories
Microscopy equipment : 28 July, 2010
Meiji Techno UK unveils the MT9900 Series Polarizing Microscopes which are ideal for the study of thin sections and other mounted samples.
New Microscopy Centre opens at Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest
Microscopy equipment : 22 June, 2010
Nikon Instruments is partnering with the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Science KOKI in Budapest, Hungary to open the first Nikon Microscopy Centre (NMC) in Central Europe.
Nikon unveils new incubator imaging system
Microscopy equipment : 11 June, 2010
Nikon is adding to its series of BioStation incubator imaging systems with the introduction of the new BioStation IM-Q, which allows users with minimal microscopy experience to conduct live cell imaging without a steep learning curve.
New microscope slide offers TB detection benefits
Microscopy equipment : 09 June, 2010
QBC Diagnostics is releasing the SureFocus Microscope Slide, which the company claims is a breakthrough in the detection of tuberculosis bacteria.
New confocal microscope software helps analyse molecular diffusion inside cells
Microscopy equipment : 15 April, 2010
The new Diffusion Measurement Package for Olympus ASW 2.1 software is now offering scientists the ability to use three powerful methods of measuring and analysing intracellular molecular diffusion.
Nikon introduces new colour camera to Digital Sight series
Microscopy equipment : 22 March, 2010
Nikon is adding the high speed DS-Vi1 colour camera to its market-leading range of Digital Sight cameras for microscopic imaging.
Omnyx licenses digital pathology patents from Olympus
Microscopy equipment : 03 March, 2010
Olympus America signs a nonexclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Omnyx, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, allows Omnyx to access a portfolio of Olympus America patents in the field of virtual microscopy and digital pathology, to help develop solutions in the digital pathology field.
Nikon launches high numerical apertureobjective for neuroscience
Microscopy equipment : 27 January, 2010
Nikon adds the CFI Apo LWD 25X objective to its series of low refractive index, high numerical aperture (NA) objectives for use in biological applications.
Thermo Fisher Scientific unveils automated quantitative cell imaging solution
Microscopy equipment : 13 January, 2010
Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces Thermo Scientific High Content 2.0, an evolution of automated, quantitative cell imaging for life scientists studying cell function in oncology, neurobiology, toxicology and systems biology.
Nikon launches Multiphoton and Confocal microscope system
Microscopy equipment : 13 January, 2010
Nikon Instruments launches its new A1R MP Multiphoton and Confocal microscope system for high speed, high resolution and high sensitivity multiphoton excitation and confocal fluorescence imaging.
Nikon licenses Harvard's STORM microscopy technology
Microscopy equipment : 16 December, 2009
Nikon Instruments announces that Nikon Corporation signs a licensing agreement with Harvard University granting Nikon the rights to use the Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) technology.
Nikon licenses UCSF's Structured Illumination Microscopy technology
Microscopy equipment : 15 December, 2009
Nikon has signs an agreement with the University of California, San Francisco Office of Technology Management for Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) technology.
New software module offers faster FRET experiments
Microscopy equipment : 22 October, 2009
The new physiology module of the Zeiss AxioVision 4.7 microscopy software enables cell and development biologists to enhance fluorescence signals and the suppress image noise, to support their FRET investigations.
Advanced brain scanning from Carl Zeiss SMT
Microscopy equipment : 09 October, 2009
Analytical instruments and electron microscopes bring high resolution imaging to the field of brain mapping
Digital computer microscope for dental labs
Microscopy equipment : 02 September, 2009
Dazor introduces the speckFINDER high definition digital computer microscope for taking the strain out of dental laboratory inspection work
Particle analysis tool offers optimised measurement reproducibility
Microscopy equipment : 13 August, 2009
The new Carl Zeiss Particle Analyzer is designed to deliver easier operation, superior functionality and optimised reproducibility of measurements.
Virtual Slide Data Transfer module connects molecular and digital pathology
Microscopy equipment : 12 August, 2009
Carl Zeiss introduces the PALM VisDat (Virtual Slide Data Transfer) module of the PALM RoboSoftware, which makes it possible for the first time to connect molecular and digital pathology.
Nikon creates new imaging platform for stem cell and tissue research
Microscopy equipment : 24 July, 2009
Combining the AZ100 Multizoom and advanced C1 confocal microscope, Nikon has created an imaging platform for developmental biology, cell biology, stem cell and tissue research.
LightManager module focuses on microcope illumination benefits
Microscopy equipment : 16 July, 2009
Olympus introduces the new LightManager module for its BX41 and BX51 upright microscopes
New motorised objective nosepiece for microscope offers 3D measuring capabilities
Microscopy equipment : 03 June, 2009
The Axio CSM 700 microscope from Carl Zeiss is featuring a new, encoded and motorised objective nosepiece as standard item.
Microscopy equipment : 29 May, 2009
FOCUS ZONE REPORT – A new high speed imaging capability is being added to Michelson Diagnostics’ EX1301 OCT Microscope which is designed to reveal microscopic detail below the surface of tissue samples instantly, without affecting or damaging them, and with no special preparation.
Warner unveils new one button microscope stage top incubator
Microscopy equipment : 01 May, 2009
Warner Instruments is introducing the Okolab Electric - CO2 Microscope Stage Incubator which is a low cost, one button solution ideal for long term studies.
CRi unveils multispectral brightfield- and fluorescence-capable slide analysis system
Microscopy equipment : 24 April, 2009
Cambridge Research and Instrumentation, (CRi) introduces the Vectra Intelligent Slide Analysis System which is the world's only multispectral brightfield- and fluorescence-capable solution for rapidly generating high-resolution cellular and tissue images from samples stained with standard H and E, immunohistochemical and immunofluorescence techniques.
Carl Zeiss introduces laser scanning microscope for entry-level confocal microscopy
Microscopy equipment : 22 April, 2009
Carl Zeiss is introducing the LSM 700 Laser Scanning Microscope which aims to set a new performance standard for entry-level confocal microscopy and uses proven modules from the world’s largest range of fluorescence and laser scanning microscope systems to offer flexibility in both application and system structure.
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