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Pulse oximeters
South Shore Hospital standardises on Masimo SET pulse oximetry to improve patient monitoring
Pulse oximeters : 21 June, 2013
South Shore Hospital is converting to Masimo SET pulse oximetry and sensor technologies which virtually eliminate false alarms (Ref 1) and increases a clinician's ability to detect life-threatening events (Ref 2) - helping to substantially contribute to improved patient outcomes and patient safety.
Pulse oximeters receive 510(k) clearance with labelling for use in newborn screening for CCHD
Pulse oximeters : 29 May, 2013
Covidien's Nellcor pulse oximetry portfolio facilitates quick, noninvasive screenings for CCHD.
Covidien receives FDA 510(k) clearance for pulse oximetry motion claims
Pulse oximeters : 21 May, 2013
Covidien's Nellcor pulse oximetry portfolio, which is used to measure arterial oxygen saturation, receives US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for motion claims.
Clinical study finds acoustic monitoring technology detects ventilatory pauses more accurately
Pulse oximeters : 20 May, 2013
Masimo reveals that a new study to be published in the June 2013 edition of the journal Anesthesia & Analgesia concludes that Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa) shows "significantly greater accuracy and precision for respiratory rate as compared to capnometry".
GE Healthcare and Covidien collaborate to enhance infant safety and care in NICU
Pulse oximeters : 13 December, 2012
Covidien is integrating the company's industry-leading Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax technology into GE Healthcare Giraffe and Panda infant warmers.
IWK Health Centre standardises on Masimo SET pulse oximetry solution
Pulse oximeters : 29 November, 2012
The IWK Heath Centre, Atlantic Canada's leading health centre providing specialised, quality care to women, children, youth and families, has converted to Masimo SET pulse oximetry and sensor technologies, the standard-of-care at leading health organizations worldwide.
Skagit Valley Hospital standardises on Masimo SET pulse oximetry solutioni
Pulse oximeters : 08 November, 2012
Skagit Valley Hospital is standardising the hospital system-wide to Masimo's SET Pulse Oximetry.
Kennedy Health System renews system-wide pulse oximetry deal with Masimo
Pulse oximeters : 02 November, 2012
Kennedy Health System, which encompasses three acute care New Jersey hospitals on the cutting edge of new technology and medical procedures, is renewing the health system's long-standing contract and commitment to Masimo SET as its pulse oximetry standard-of-care.
Masimo initiates release of new pulse oximetry sensor system
Pulse oximeters : 17 October, 2012
Masimo is making a limited market release of the Universal ReSposable Pulse Oximetry Sensor System, offering the Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion performance and accuracy of SET, as well as the comfort of its single-patient-use adhesive sensors with the cost-effectiveness and environmental advantages of a reusable sensor.
New study shows accuracy of instrument to screen for CO poisoning
Pulse oximeters : 11 July, 2012
Masimo announces a new study in Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology shows that noninvasive carboxyhaemoglobin (SpCO) and methaemoglobin (SpMet) measurements with Masimo rainbow Pulse CO-Oximetry are accurate and conclude they can be used as an effective first screening test with emergency room patients suspected of suffering carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning (Ref 1).
US military opts for Masimo Rad-57's handheld pulse CO-Oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 05 July, 2012
The US Department of Defense Military Health System selects the Masimo Rad-57 Handheld Pulse CO-Oximeter as the military's standardized handheld pulse oximeter for use worldwide.
Masimo signs haemoglobin monitor distribution deal with PSS World Medical
Pulse oximeters : 03 July, 2012
Masimo signs a distribution deal with PSS World Medical, a leading national distributor of medical supplies and equipment to office-based physicians, which will see PSS distributing the new Pronto-7 - a palm-sized handheld device designed for quick and easy noninvasive spot-checking of total haemoglobin (SpHb), SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index.
Covidien acquires Oridion Systems
Pulse oximeters : 28 June, 2012
Covidien completes the acquisition of Oridion Systems for an aggregate consideration of approximately $310 million, net of cash and investments acquired.
NHS favours Intra Operative Fluid Management solutions
Pulse oximeters : 11 June, 2012
The National Health Service Technology Adoption Centre in the United Kingdom is advising hospitals to use Intraoperative Fluid Management Technologies as a way to improve patient outcomes, and includes Masimo PVI, the only noninvasive and continuous method to help clinicians manage fluid during surgeries.
Covidien launches bedside SpO2 patient monitoring system
Pulse oximeters : 08 June, 2012
Covidien is launching the Covidien Nellcor Bedside SpO2 Patient Monitoring System at the European Society of Anesthesiology Congress, held in Paris June 9-12, 2012.
Nonin receives FDA 510(k) for expanded labelling of fingertip pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 23 May, 2012
Nonin Medical is releasing the company's Onyx Vantage 9590 professional fingertip pulse oximeter with expanded labelling claims.
Masimo signs dual-source pulse oximetry deal with Novation
Pulse oximeters : 07 May, 2012
Masimo signs a three-year, dual-source agreement with Novation, the healthcare contracting services company of VHA and the University Health System Consortium (UHC).
Nonin Medical awarded Novation contract for pulse oximeters
Pulse oximeters : 07 May, 2012
Novation, the largest health care supply contracting company in the USA, awards a 36-month contract to Nonin Medical for its pulse oximeters and sensors.
Covidien prepares to acquire Oridion Systems
Pulse oximeters : 11 April, 2012
Covidien signs a definitive agreement to acquire Oridion Systems.
Nonin Medical launches world's first OEM solution for regional oximetry
Pulse oximeters : 22 November, 2011
Nonin Medical is launching the world's first Regional Oximetry OEM Solution, the EQUANOX Model 7610 which is designed for medical monitoring manufacturers who desire a low-power, integration-ready solution for integrating cerebral and tissue oximetry technology into their patient monitoring systems.
Oximeter offers blood flow benefits during reconstructive surgery
Pulse oximeters : 07 October, 2011
Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio discover that the Spectros T-Stat oximeter responds earliest to compromised blood flow during reconstructive microsurgery when compared clinically to other available monitors.
Philips launches home oxygen measurement solution for ventilation
Pulse oximeters : 29 September, 2011
Philips is launching the new Oximetry Module, a home oxygen measurement device designed to monitor people diagnosed with respiratory disorders such as sleep apnea and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and to record their blood oxygen level by means of a single finger probe.
Nonin Medical launches new professional finger pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 28 September, 2011
Nonin Medical launches the Onyx Vantage 9590 professional finger pulse oximeter at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) 2011 Annual Congress in The Netherlands.
Study shows the clinical accuracy of noninvasive and continuous SpHb monitoring
Pulse oximeters : 24 January, 2011
A new study demonstrating the clinical accuracy and value of Masimo’s noninvasive and continuous haemoglobin (SpHb) monitoring technology breakthrough is presented at the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) Annual Critical Care Congress in San Diego, USA.
Nonin Medical launches new wrist-worn pulse oximeter in the USA and Canada
Pulse oximeters : 21 January, 2011
Nonin Medical is launching the company’s WristOx2, Model 3150 wrist-worn pulse oximeter in the USA and Canada.
Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter receives Microsoft HealthVault certification
Pulse oximeters : 10 January, 2011
Nonin Medical’s Onyx II Model 9560 Continua-Certified, Bluetooth wireless fingertip pulse oximeter receives Microsoft HealthVault certification.
Pulse oximetry technology integrates with portable patient monitoring solution
Pulse oximeters : 07 January, 2011
Covidien introduces the new Infinity MCable with Nellcor OxiMax technology as an integrated component of the Drager Infinity Acute Care System in Europe.
Cheetah Medical launches NICOM System with integrated pulse oximetry
Pulse oximeters : 18 October, 2010
Cheetah Medical launches in Europe launch the company’s new NICOM System which offers an integrated pulse oximetry functionality.
Second-generation wrist-worn pulse oximeter offers Bluetooth benefits
Pulse oximeters : 11 October, 2010
Nonin Medical is releasing the company’s second-generation wrist-worn pulse oximeter, the WristOx2, Model 3150.
Handheld oximeters enables transfer of secure data
Pulse oximeters : 20 September, 2010
Nonin Medical introduces the company’s latest Continua Certified device, the 1000USB-C USB adapter, which is designed for OEM system developers, enables any of Nonin's handheld oximeters to transfer secure data in accordance with Continua Health Alliance guidelines.
New pulse oximeter offers improved telehealth integration
Pulse oximeters : 19 May, 2010
Cardiocom releases its new pulse oximeter, which is an in-house developed pulse oximeter designed to offer better integration with its telehealth platform.
NUMC completes system-wide conversion to Masimo oximetry technologies
Pulse oximeters : 16 April, 2010
Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC) and Masimo have completed the NUMC's system-wide conversion to Masimo oximetry technologies.
John Hunter Children's Hospital installs Masimo Patient SafetyNet System
Pulse oximeters : 06 April, 2010
Australia's first Masimo Patient SafetyNet System is installed at John Hunter Children's Hospital in New South Wales.
Study confirms SpHb is accurate, reliable alternative for monitoring haemoglobin
Pulse oximeters : 26 March, 2010
A new clinical study presented at the IARS Annual Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, demonstrates that noninvasive and continuous haemoglobin (SpHb) from Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry provides comparable accuracy as point-of-care invasive measurements of total haemoglobin versus standard laboratory invasive measurements of total haemoglobin.
Noninvasive cardiovascular monitor features Pulse Co-oximetry technology
Pulse oximeters : 25 January, 2010
BMEYE and Masimo jointly announce CE Mark certification and the European launch of the BMEYE ccNexfin - the first noninvasive cardiovascular monitor with Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse Co-oximetry technology.
Nonin demonstrates Continua Certified Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 08 January, 2010
Nonin Medical is to demonstrate the world's first Continua Certified Bluetooth fingertip pulse oximeter, the Onyx II, Model 9560, as part of the first end-to-end Continua connected health solution.
St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital renews pulse oximetry contract with Masimo
Pulse oximeters : 04 January, 2010
St Vincent Indianapolis Hospital renews its campus-wide contract for Masimo SET pulse oximetry technology.
Advocate Health Care renews pulse oximetry multi-year deal with Masimo
Pulse oximeters : 24 November, 2009
Advocate Health Care, which is Illinois' largest health care provider, has renewed its multi-year, system-wide contract for Masimo SET pulse oximetry technology.
New hand held pulse oximetry simulator offers efficient testing of SpO2 devices
Pulse oximeters : 13 July, 2009
Rigel Medical introduces a new hand held, high performance pulse oximetry simulator for the fast, accurate and efficient testing of SpO2 devices.
Smiths Medical launches new pulse oximetry portfolio with a variety of patient care settings
Pulse oximeters : 26 June, 2009
Smiths Medical launches the new BCI SPECTRO2 Pulse Oximetry Portfolio which is designed for a variety of patient care settings and features three models: the SPECTRO2 l 10, SPECTRO2 l 20, and SPECTRO2 l 30 Pulse Oximeters.
Nonin unveils Bluetooth-enabled fingertip pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 10 June, 2009
Nonin Medical has unveiled the world's first Bluetooth-enabled fingertip pulse oximeter, Onyx II, Model 9560 which is now certified as compliant to the Continua Version One Design Guidelines.
Ligthweight pulse oximeter aims to monitor and care for patients with sleep disorders
Pulse oximeters : 10 June, 2009
Masimo is debuting the company’s new compact, lightweight Rad-8 pulse oximeter at SLEEP 2009, the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS), June 6 to 11, 2009 in Seattle, Washington, USA.
New oximetry system offers cerebral monitoring benefits
Pulse oximeters : 09 June, 2009
Nonin Medical introduces its Model 7600 Regional Oximetry System at the European Society of Anaesthesiology (ESA) conference in Milan, Italy.
Two studies show continuous SpHb monitoring can help reduce transfusion complications
Pulse oximeters : 09 June, 2009
Two new studies - one conducted in patients undergoing general surgery and published in the Journal of American College of Surgeons and another conducted in patients undergoing cardiac surgery and published in the Anesthesia and Analgesia - provide additional new evidence that transfusion of just one or two units of blood significantly increases infection, pneumonia, sepsis, and mortality after surgery (Refs 1,2).
Duke University Hospital deploys Masimo SET pulse oximetry technology
Pulse oximeters : 04 June, 2009
Masimo completes the conversion of Duke University Hospital to standardise on Masimo SET pulse oximetry technology.
Covidien launches new alarm management system to enhance pulse oximeter
Pulse oximeters : 28 May, 2009
Covidien is launching its Alarm Management System for the Nellcor OxiMax N-600x pulse oximeter, which is an instrument that delivers accurate, reliable readings even during low perfusion and signal interference.
Clinical study shows hypoxemia can be detected using in sickle cell patients
Pulse oximeters : 21 May, 2009
A new independent clinical study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and presented at the American Thoracic Society in San Diego, California, USA, shows that the noninvasive measurement of carboxyhaemoglobin (SpCO) and methaemoglobin (SpMet) with Masimo Rainbow SET Pulse CO-Oximetry is accurate and may help clinicians better detect hypoxemia-a potentially life-threatening lack of oxygen in the blood-in children with sickle cell disease.
Nonin Medical launches fingertip pulse oximeter for personal patient monitoring
Pulse oximeters : 13 May, 2009
Nonin Medical releases the company’s personal patient monitoring device, the GO2 fingertip pulse oximeter.
Greenwood Leflore Hospital deploys Soarian Device Connect v2.0 workflow tool
Pulse oximeters : 10 April, 2009
Greenwood Leflore Hospital goes live with Soarian Device Connect v2.0 from Siemens Healthcare in response to the need for more effective collection of patient vital signs data.
Nonin receives three-year contract to supply Premier with vital sign monitoring technology
Pulse oximeters : 09 April, 2009
Premier Purchasing Partners, the group purchasing unit of Premier, awards a 36-month contract with Nonin Medical for oximetry solutions.
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